Football Runner Week 17 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective bonuses, and below is the leaderboard.

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st Jakeglobal Not Yet 845000 $120
2nd Rockland @Rockland 840000 $120
3rd csreaskii Not Yet 815000 $120
4th the triple d @Ddd333 815000 $120
5th Allied33349 @Allied33349 810000 $120
6th Hno Not Yet 810000 $120
7th pogdog @zogdog 810000 $120
8th Ashaw Not Yet 805000 $120
9th Bez_24 @Bezradetsky_24 790000 $120
10th cwdenver Not Yet 790000 $120
11th conocon @conocon 785000 $70
12th jamjamjam @jamjamjam 785000 $70
13th yunsik @yunsik 780000 $70
14th Drewskii Not Yet 775000 $70
15th Blue88 Not Yet 775000 $70
16th Jshots89 @Jshots89 775000 $70
17th GoC8ts13 @GoC8ts93 770000 $70
18th Tcouch @timcouch4087 770000 $70
19th DMast @Mast3312 765000 $70
20th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 765000 $70
21st DirtyMoney Not Yet 760000 $70
22nd BigHustleP @BigHustleP 760000 $70
23rd Cdro1985 @Cdro1985 755000 $70
24th Straythefeature Not Yet 755000 $70
25th danieto11 Not Yet 750000 $70
26th Dompee @Dompee 750000 $30
27th JPP373 @JPP373 750000 $30
28th DiggyD96 Not Yet 750000 $30
29th Mjunks29 @Mjuncker 745000 $30
30th franknieto Not Yet 745000 $30
31st Arnitz @ArNitz 735000 $30
32nd Egrojfc14 Not Yet 730000 $30
33rd BigMoneyMatt Not Yet 730000 $30
34th BraveCorgi @BraveCorgi 730000 $30
35th sgarnz Not Yet 730000 $30
36th Bolt4life @Bolt4life 730000 $30
37th Mcgillacutty Not Yet 725000 $30
38th Cuatro @cuatro 720000 $30
39th MrE555 @MrE555 720000 $30
40th TenneseeMONEYMAKER @TenneseeMONEYMAKER 720000 $30
41st fail @Busterboi 715000 $30
42nd thom Not Yet 715000 $30
43rd AceBoonZ Not Yet 715000 $30
44th willie1782 Not Yet 715000 $30
45th Meghann Mooney Not Yet 710000 $30
46th tglide426 @tglide426 710000 $30
47th ChuckZ55 Not Yet 705000 $30
48th Zigzag125 Not Yet 705000 $30
49th Soldran14 Not Yet 700000 $30
50th Axeman Not Yet 695000 $30

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Dang it I missed 1st by one score…

Thanks @James_Bovada

Will there be a score posted for crypto miners December?


was only a matter of time before jakeglobal won I guess

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Yeahhhh I gotta say true… Hadn’t seen em in previous leaderboards but gotta trust the moderator on it. It’s insanely hard to get a score like that without experience

@James_Bovada how will prizes work for week 18 other than 1-10. Do they just rollover to freespins? Only weeks 1-17 are clarified.

Wonder where I am first time ever I have not been in the top 10. My guy most be real drunk running into stuff all the time it most of been the nerves before week 18. Thank God I been teaching my friend and wow and he got so good and his guy is not drunk I hope he makes it. He a good guy. Nothing wrong with helping someone right as long as your not playing.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob::sob: whewww boi I will say I’ve had my share of laughs during this competition lol

Yea lots of laughs I erased that because I needed to vent because what I witnessed got me mad all over again. I am done talking about it. Good luck guys!

If anyone thinks they are better then me in this game prove it like rogdog zogdog rambano rodog whatever your name is. I know you will make top 10 for some reason. Are ye are moon which is djay i guess. I am 100% better then anyone yet i cant get a run after 6 hrs a day with almost petfect runs all the time. My average place i am in the standings on a weekly basic kills everyone. Its a comp its supposed to be competitive this is nothing but to prove as i already have i am 100% the best in this game. Prove it to me with a video and ill post mine ill back my stuuf up. Good luck guys just a little smack talk thats aloud i hope it is a competitive competition right. I know i will not make the top 10 already when i know i should. I cant get a run over 700000 except once of 6hrs a day of runs alot of them almost perfect and always get through the board mostly.

since the leaderboard is hacked again. what’s an ideal top 10 score? 770+?

Look now I know y’all moderators seen my questions about week 18 put some respeck on my community name :rofl::rofl::rofl::sob:

Thats what i am saying all these FACTS especially where i say my average kills everyones yet i have plenty good runs and perfect runs yet one time over 700000. I mean come on people see that i make it everyweek. Also i can back it up and they know it. The mods wont answer all they say if they do is we didnt do nothing. Ok wutever you didn’t ill go with it. It still dont matter though because i have played so much this week and i am as good now as i was before maybe i miss 2 are 3 some runs if i miss any thats the only difference. 1000 times i played and 740 i got once the first 5 min of the new week and that my highest. Makes you wonder why people that dont barley play are beating me and play less. I mean i think everyone here would agree it looks a little strange since i always at the top and final week i cant get nothing my average is 550000 lol. Thats with me getting all of them are maybe missing 2 ever run. I said it 100 times already because i waiting for someone at the top to say there better. I will put 100$ on it anyone thinks they are better then me out of 5 runs. It has to go by how many coins we hit not score because they wont give me a good run all of a sudden week 18. Rockland maybe they should your name stays the same so they shouldn’t get confused whos who. I would love people who change there names all the time to give me a reason. This is just so crazy maybe tom Brady wasnt available.

@SigTauMagic probably not just go back and look at the weeks and average it. While your looking all the weeks up look up and you will see my name lol. Good luck.

Lol hno is hongsoak and insuni user name. Guy came in first a couple weeks dissappear and shows up as hno. Plus he won miner 1000$ lol wow let me guess hno will be top 10 also with zogdog and djay every account that has changed name will be in the top 10 watch.

Yea the hacker filled the board up so it can’t be monitored by the players and he/she/they can’t be called out but I think the mods/James will do a good job sifting through the foolery especially this last week. & Yea the boards aren’t being generous with the runs but I have managed to get 1 decent score gonna keep trying till the scores go in there’s still a decent amount of time left so good luck to all the real players. Maybe the hacker/s will expose himself/herself/themselves :rofl: after the competition. It’s no fun being a hack off/ jackoff if no one knows who you are is it hackers? Let it be known who you are hacker/jerk off so we can put some respeck on yo name :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, he’s back

Insun had posted a flex post week 7 thanking the moderators, about winning thousands thanks to the Voucher. He also offered to tip James some money.

Yea I saw that also. He also Said something about when I get the voucher I will do a 300$ to the players . Why even say that if you are not going to do it. Doesn’t matter the name changing is a huge dead giveaway because your cheating so if people keep seeing the same name at the top they will complain so they try to confuse people which it’s not at all if you take 5 min and look. He going to be in the top 10 also for football runner but who know under what name now since he just won another 1000$ off this. If there one new name on that top 10 list are a guy that’s played for 2 weeks that beats me someone that places first almost everyweek come on now. You can draw your own conclusions. Are its going to be the whole name changing gang. I mean the board been good for 3 weeks again also now it does that week 18 so much time invested for a major comp then its ran like this at the end.

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When does the Football Runner game end?

I took this screenshot before the hackers took all the real players scores out. And haven’t been able to come close to these scores