Football Runner Week 18 Results

Hi everyone,

Below are the final results for Week 18. Thank you to everyone who participated this year:

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1 BigHustleP @BigHustleP 850000 TBD
2 jakecglobal @jacobdc23 840000 TBD
3 conocon @conocon 835000 TBD
4 mogdog @zogdog 830000 TBD
5 Hno @insun6538 825000 TBD
6 Jshots89 @Jshots89 820000 TBD
7 JPP373 @JPP373 810000 TBD
8 Allied33349 @Allied33349 805000 TBD
9 DMast @Mast3312 795000 TBD
10 Rockland @Rockland 795000 TBD

We are in the process of calling all winners, but please also feel free to DM the Moderators with your selections.

1st place gets first pick, 2nd place second, etc. So if you DM us with your preferenece in order (ie 1,4,5,7,10,8,6,2…) It will make the process much easier and timely. Here is a list of the prizes:

1 Signed Tom Brady Jersey
2 Signed Patrick Mahomes Jersey
3 12.9” iPad Pro (Space Gray)
4 NFL Blitz Arcade Machine
5 LG 48” 4K OLED UHD Television
6 24” iMac w/ 4.5k Retina Display
7 AirPods Max Space Gray
8 Apple Watch Series 8 GPS
9 ViewSonic Full HD Curved Gaming LED Monitor
10 HERO11 Black Action Camera
  • We cannot give a cash equivalent in place of the tangible prizes
  • The jerseys come with a COA but are not framed
  • 24" iMac w/ 4.5K Retina Display 825Core CPU 825Core GPU 256GB SSD 25 Silver
  • 12.9” iPad Pro, Wi-Fi 512GB - Space Grey
  • LG 48’ 4K OLED a9 GEN5U HD – C3
  • Watch Series 8 GPS 41mm Silver Alum Case w/ White S/M Sport Band – Wifi Only

Damn 785 gmfu… O :whale:

Hot dammm I made the cut lol

sweet, looks like James really had to sweep a ton of names off the board

Heyyy so what y’all think the last item left will be?? Whatever it is I appreciate it :rofl: assuming it’ll be #10 on the prize list.

if it were up to me probably the apple watch would be last… I’m an android guy so I’d even take the blitz arcade over that lol

I doubt very seriously that apple watch is left but I’ll sho take it if it is :rofl:

Congrats to all the winners :trophy:. & Wanna apologize for the week 17 post where I stated I was cheated out of the #1 spot. Putting a bad bone on someone’s name without having actual fact is something I don’t condone whether major or minor & I did that so please accept. Competition was fun! @James_Bovada what we got coming next in competitions?? I know the community didn’t bother you that baddd :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sob:

Congrats to all winners

funny that it’s finally all players with forum accounts

@Rockland my top 10 guess were almost correct what did I say you would just make it what the first day of the last week i said that and you would be the only one. Don’t apologize you were correct but that’s your choice. Oh wait allied made it I was to close though. Big hustle lol.

Mannn I just ain’t know it’s hard but I can’t believe you didn’t make it. I said to myself I’d rather apologize and be right than to put a bad bone out there and be wrong you feel me. Competition definitely had a alotta ??? Marks but with a situation like this where you’re not in the situation room you gotta roll with it

Yea I get it congrats to you and allied!!

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@James_Bovada so the items we choose to receive …we cant choose if we want it to sell it to a bovada customer ? and if both parties agree on a prize deal …the buyer could player transfer me the funds and you could send the prize to the buyers address ? Only asking because there might be some items left and i either have it already or wont need it …so id rather sell to a bovada customer who wants it for a fair price

That isn’t something we will be doing. Should you want to sell your gift after you receive it that would be up to yourself.

Guys, If anyone hasn’t sent us a pm with your preferences can you please do so.
As soon as we have all the preferences in we can start to assign the prizes accordingly.

Also can you confirm the mailing address, so we can get these sent out asap for you.


Thanks @Hmm_123 , i cant believe 805 held up all week!!! Nobody
pick the mahomes jersey let it fall to #8 pick. :rofl::joy::slightly_smiling_face:

So #1 & #2 still haven’t made their selections? What’s going on fellas can’t make up your mind? Winners were announced yesterday morning are y’all not keeping up with the competition lol y’all holding the process up @BigHustleP & @jacobdc23

Thanks for the info @Paul_Bovada hot dammm I won the action hero Camera!

48 LG tv for me

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