Football Runner Week 6 Results


Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players have been credited with their respective spins for Mythic Wolf

1st place bonus prize : $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17).

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st csreaskii @csr_123 795000 65 Free Spins
2nd r3ich Not Yet 780000 65 Free Spins
3rd Straythefeature Not Yet 780000 65 Free Spins
4th Tcouch @timcouch4087 780000 65 Free Spins
5th Allied33349 @Allied33349 775000 65 Free Spins
6th ndzn555 @nikki777 775000 65 Free Spins
7th Hmm…123 Not Yet 775000 65 Free Spins
8th Jshots89 @Jshots89 770000 65 Free Spins
9th Cwell410 @Cwell410 765000 65 Free Spins
10th SigTauMagic @SigTauMagic 760000 65 Free Spins
11th Cdro1985 Not Yet 760000 40 Free Spins
12th yunsik @yunsik 760000 40 Free Spins
13th Kurtbry91 @KurtisBry91 760000 40 Free Spins
14th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 760000 40 Free Spins
15th Mjunks29 Not Yet 755000 40 Free Spins
16th BCA @BraveCorgi 755000 40 Free Spins
17th Rockland @Rockland 750000 40 Free Spins
18th SaigonTiger @SaigonTiger 750000 40 Free Spins
19th APCooper @APCooper 740000 40 Free Spins
20th Dompee @Dompee 740000 40 Free Spins
21st MattVidal7 @MVidal7 740000 40 Free Spins
22nd mpennington211 Not Yet 735000 40 Free Spins
23rd Drewskii Not Yet 730000 40 Free Spins
24th JaneLA @JaneLA 730000 40 Free Spins
25th Manzoooo Not Yet 730000 30 Free Spins
26th Ahyde1114 @Ahyde1114 725000 30 Free Spins
27th banditdidit Not Yet 725000 30 Free Spins
28th JanieT Not Yet 725000 30 Free Spins
29th ConnorW34 Not Yet 720000 30 Free Spins
30th Zigzag125 Not Yet 715000 30 Free Spins
31st Brandybaby @bwelter 710000 30 Free Spins
32nd Bolt4life Not Yet 705000 30 Free Spins
33rd CircleTheWagons21 Not Yet 705000 30 Free Spins
34th Stewart G Not Yet 700000 30 Free Spins
35th Csp246 Not Yet 695000 30 Free Spins
36th Hongseok No Not Yet 695000 30 Free Spins
37th Extendit @Extendit 690000 30 Free Spins
38th Geeraard @Geeraard 690000 30 Free Spins
39th JPP373 @JPP373 690000 30 Free Spins
40th DiggyD96 Not Yet 690000 30 Free Spins
41st DMast @Mast3312 685000 30 Free Spins
42nd Rolands @Rolands 685000 30 Free Spins
43rd fail @Busterboi 680000 30 Free Spins
44th BigHustleP @BigHustleP 680000 30 Free Spins
45th MrE555 @MrE555 680000 30 Free Spins
46th jam @jamjamjam 670000 30 Free Spins
47th Cdev0108 Not Yet 665000 30 Free Spins
48th egrojfc14 Not Yet 665000 30 Free Spins
49th Ocho-5 @Bob111 665000 30 Free Spins
50th GoC8ts13 @GoC8ts93 660000 30 Free Spins

Was in 7th didnt get mine yet.

Sorry james i thought it was something under bonuses.

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Has anyone else had an issue of their score not updating to the leader board? After playing for hours I finally beat my previous score of 755,000 with a new score of 765,000 but after I hit submit it wasn’t added to the leaderboard.


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Yea happened to me multiple times. I screen recorded it and they’re still ignoring it.

@James_Bovada didnt receive anything and i believe i was in 20th

@BoofingAcid This was for week 5, and the funds were issued.

Anyone still having trouble with scores not posting. @James_Bovada I should be in the top 50 but I’ve had 2 different scores not post

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Yea I am as well.

I don’t understand why you guys are still letting zapara post. Obviously he gets knocked out every week for cheating so why not just block him. Plus if contestants have the same score the first person to get the score is supposed to be ahead but scoreboard has it different putting the contestant that got It 2nd ahead of the person.


@moderators, James has confirmed that people who achieved the same score faster should come ahead. Below post is from the week 4 result. Why am I pushed to the back by people who got the same score later than me? Can you re-order leaderboard before you disclose the result please?

@Paul_Bovada @James_Bovada will the week 7 scores and prizes be sent out today?

I’m afraid I don’t know, they will be issued once we have them.

@James_Bovada, @Paul_Bovada, please resolve the leaderboard issue which puts later contestant ahead before releasing the result… This week may be the only chance I can actually win after Zampare. I spent hours trying to get same/beyond my record but couldn’t get anywhere close to what I got, after seeing someone was ahead of me yesterday with the same score.

We will get this looked into

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Zampare is known cheater, idk why he’s still allowed to play.


@James_Bovada any timeframe or idea when week 7 will be posted and payed out?

No eta? @James_Bovada was hoping to bet with that today…

Pretty wild how you guys can’t answer a simple question. Even more wild that 8 weeks into the competition the same players cheating have to be scrubbed, cant have a “pay out” date or timeframe, and there’s no communication…

As soon as they are available they will be posted.