Football Runner Week 8 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective Bonuses

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st yunsik @yunsik 845000 $120
2nd mpennington211 Not Yet 810000 $120
3rd Hmm…123 Not Yet 800000 $120
4th Cwell410 @Cwell410 785000 $120
5th Bez_24 Not Yet 780000 $120
6th conocon @conocon 780000 $120
7th csreaskii @csr_123 780000 $120
8th fail @Busterboi 775000 $120
9th Hongseok No Not Yet 775000 $120
10th Bolt4life Not Yet 775000 $120
11th DMast @Mast3312 770000 $70
12th Tcouch @timcouch4087 770000 $70
13th egrojfc14 Not Yet 765000 $70
14th Arnitz @ArNitz 765000 $70
15th Rockland @Rockland 760000 $70
16th MattVidal7 @MVidal7 760000 $70
17th Mjunks29 Not Yet 760000 $70
18th Allied33349 @Allied33349 755000 $70
19th Dompee @Dompee 755000 $70
20th Manzyyyy Not Yet 755000 $70
21st Mcgillacutty Not Yet 755000 $70
22nd smythguti @Smythguti 755000 $70
23rd BCA @BraveCorgi 755000 $70
24th Ahyde1114 @Ahyde1114 750000 $70
25th Ashaw Not Yet 750000 $70
26th JaneLA @JaneLA 745000 $30
27th Drewskii Not Yet 740000 $30
28th Jshots89 @Jshots89 740000 $30
29th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 740000 $30
30th Brandooo @bwelter 735000 $30
31st ConnorW34 @ConnorW34 725000 $30
32nd jam @jamjamjam 725000 $30
33rd Korsman83 Not Yet 725000 $30
34th Zigzag125 Not Yet 720000 $30
35th Ploverhall Not Yet 720000 $30
36th Straythefeature Not Yet 720000 $30
37th GoC8ts13 @GoC8ts93 715000 $30
38th Cdro1985 Not Yet 715000 $30
39th Kurtbry91 @KurtisBry91 715000 $30
40th MrE555 @MrE555 715000 $30
41st JPP373 @JPP373 715000 $30
42nd Jackie1989 Not Yet 710000 $30
43rd Cuatro @cuatro 710000 $30
44th banditcc @Parkergage 710000 $30
45th Chriscol1994 @chriscol1994 705000 $30
46th Nickadream Not Yet 705000 $30
47th Killbill98 @Killbill98 700000 $30
48th Geeraard @Geeraard 700000 $30
49th Dirtymoney Not Yet 695000 $30
50th the triple d @Ddd333 695000 $30


Week Prize 1st – 10th 11th – 25th 26th – 50th
1 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
2 Free Bets $120 $70 $30
3 Free Spins 65 40 30
4 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
5 Free Bets $120 $70 $30
6 Free Spins 65 40 30
7 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
8 Free Bets $120 $70 $30
9 Free Spins 65 40 30
10 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
11 Free Bets $120 $70 $30
12 Free Spins 65 40 30
13 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
14 Free Bets $120 $70 $30
15 Free Spins 65 40 30
16 Free Crypto $200 $100 $60
17 Free Bets $120 $70 $30

Let’s go! barely made the cut lol

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845000 lol. That’s crazy if that’s real

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Finally got first place this week! Who do I talk to to get the Prezzee voucher? Haven’t received any information on that yet, but I did get my bonus bet

Quick question how did you get that high of score did your run seem a little longer. I just can get them all the time and play alot just curious was it all bitcoin coins. I have got all bitcoin coins almost but run cut short.

Its rng, some stages have more coins, some stages have more 2 stacks like 2 coins together, its pretty rare thou to have those kind of stages. You need to be good and lucky in this game, i get like 1 or 2 of those lucky stages every 2 hours.

Get those stages and almost having a perfect run will get you above 750+

Yea tell me about it I play a lot because of back surgery. I mean I have got a run once that’s was able to get 800000 and 9 out of 10 I finish the stage and get them maybe miss one sometimes with the ones that are doubled and spread out. So instead of 2 hrs I think it’s more like once a week lol. Honestly though

Yeah lol but its definitely possible. I still havent touched 800k i hate those two stacks that so far together up and down lol idk how to get it, i cant master it

I tell you how to get it i don’t care jump early on the bottom one first the literally press the screen right away. You have a better chance at the beginning of the stage then later because for some reason the player seems to not jump as high seems heavier. Once you time it out you will get it everytime. You have to jump really early though just enough where you can reach it.

Why arent you on the leaderboard for week 8? Hope you heal fast man

I don’t know iam trying to win. Not putting in a score until I am first.

Yeah i mostly get it in between rounds, its harder at the beginning and at the end, he runs a lil too fast in the end.

Top 10 every week but rng lol won’t give me that winning run

Damn youre hardcore lol top 2 to top10 have the same prizes thou :money_mouth_face:

Yea I know I need first I feel like I am 100% should get in very soon but bovada rng gotta give me the run because if they do ill hit it. My recovery going good thanks for saying something. I been in pain for very long but surgery worked.

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Dame hongsoek you getting these score twice is crazy that close together. I didnt relize it was you because your community name is gone now wasnt it like insun. Good for you i play hrs plus i been 2-7 the last 5 weeks but never can get the winning run. Dame i saw you hit 15000$ also that bovada luck certain people have is with you.

We getting results and credits today?

Do people get high scores on their phone? Or do you basically have to be on computer?

It depends on the runs truly. I only play on my phone and I’ve managed to get Top 10 I think 3 weeks and placed every week except one when my score didn’t register for some reason