Huge daily win

Well, I’ve been playing on Bovada for around 10 years now many of ups and downs. This is one of my cops. I was playing the Savannah game late last night and hit the daily jackpot and only an $.80 bet my account went from $300-$30,000, the jackpot paid $29,800 unbelievable . Vacation with my family here I come.


Congratulations! Could you post screenshot?

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I’ll have to down load them was playing from my phone on the couch. lol. I’ll put up a few pics Tomorrow. I kept hitting to him for 400 500 400. 500 for about another hour. It was insane. My account had 300 bucks in it.


That’s awesome, i hope i have some luck like yours .

Amazing win, congrats!!

But u lose 10 years :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Congrats on the win.

Congratulations! :clap::clap: After 10yrs, you’ve earned your vacation. Enjoy!

🫣😬 that’s wild