June 2024 Lair of the White Tiger

• What are your initials?
• How long have you *been with us?
• What was your winning game and amount?
$2720 than $4785 and hit a couple smaller ones. All with free spins. Cashed out a total of $8000
• Was this your first big win online?
No. I hit for $22700 last year
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?
I will be paying off my cc debt. And giving back to our Lord through our church. After all he has blessed us tremendously! I will not be gambling it back. Thank you.



Thank you. Appreciate it. Here’s a pic of my two big hits.


What was the spin amount. I mean is there a strategy your using. I mean last year also now this. This time not that huge obviously matter the spin amount. I am just asking because I see the big win gallery and the people that mostly post last year with multiple hits are the same people over and over again about 4 accounts. When I deposit about 3 times a week multiple times a day sometimes. I have been here about 12 years almost. I have not been able to get a hit above 300$ in about 1-2 years in all that time and I not playing 40 cent spins either. I am down thousands this year but still 1 out of 10 deposits I’ll maybe be able to run it up maybe 200$ then they machines shut off. Just wondering I never even close to winning.

I always deposit when I have 100% bonus available. This way it doubles my chances. You do have to play their 25-30X. I usually do $100 deposit so I have around $200 after bonus. Than I start with lower bets of .50cents-$2 spins. Than if I start winning I start upping my bets. So this time I started with a $1 playing 20 spins on a game with jackpots. If nothing hits I move on to the next game with jackpot. So I played XL that was a loser for 20 spins. Than went to 10 times Vegas another looser after 20 spins. Than I went to Lair of White Tiger and started hitting. I hit for $500 on $1 spin. Than started upping my bets. Til I got to $25 a spin. Than that’s when I hit 96 free spins and won $9000. I still had to play out my bonus. Which was $6000. I started playing $50 spins and $100 spins hoping to hit the &58000.jackpot but didn’t. I stopped when I played through my $6000. Than cashed out $8000. When I hit the $22700 last year I waited til 11pm and played last hour of the daily jackpot hot drops. I got lucky and blessed when I hit the jackpot after playing $1 on 7s hot drop for half hour. That was amazing! Cashed out $22000 and kept in $700 to play with. Hit on NFL playoffs and Superbowl with Cheifs. I’m up around $55000 last three years.


@russclovis that was an awesome description. Thank you and Congratulations on your win!!

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This is the exact strategy I use when I play slots. I’m yet to hit it big, but I find it brings me up the most and allows me to play the longest before losing all the funds.
My issue is I’m yet to be able to control how I up my bets. Usually getting stuck at one machine and leaving it all there. If I kept moving on to other machines, I’d be ok. I’m a work in progress. :sweat_smile:

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Also, congrats on your wins! Must be a good feeling. Enjoy it!

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Thank you to all. Godbless. Hope someone else hits big.