Lawless ladies jackpot

• How long have you been with us? 10 yr
• What was your winning game and amount? Lawless ladies $77,000
• Was this your first big win online? Yes
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? Still in shock not sure.

Had $90 bonus match left and had ton to play Thur so I just $10 spins and hit for $420 so moved to $20 and hit $2200. Then said ■■■■ it and did $40 spins and then boom jackpot popped up. Pretty jacked.


Very nice! Congrats! :muscle:

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Nice!!, Wish I could hit like that!

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I like the way you play! Congrats!

Amazing!!! Congrats!

Jesus. That is nuts. Congrats

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Crazy!!! Congrats.

■■■■ ya…all in baby…congrats

Lol people’s enthusiasm seems pretty low when they hit these which I’ll never understand. I’d be freaking out typing in all caps for weeks lol. I guess 77k is nothing to some. Meanwhile I’ve never won more than 10% of that here

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Yeah most I win is 10k and I’m beyond excited…I’m happy he won but at same time that’s gonna reduce rtp for other players….

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Oh it’s all gone I got $12,500 out and started firing like a complete idiot. I will never again hit anything like that and pissed it away I want to jump off bridge. Lol


what’s done is done. atleast you got 12k out. Most people lose it all. Just imagine you won a 12k jackpot. Even that is more than most ever win @Chipmattingly45


I’ve done that before and I’m sure we’re not the only ones

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Wow so cool Congratulations