November's Biggest Winners

Hi everyone,

It takes lot of dedication, time and sometimes nerves to gamble. We understand, that’s why it always brings us joy when players get lucky and win!

We are glad to share Biggest Wins of the previous month in each respective category we provide.

Do not hesitate to share your wins, can be last month or in general. Let’s celebrate them together!

We wish you best of luck in your games and looking forward to seeing you in the next month’s list.

Have fun!


Abolutely HILARIOUS that December is almost over and there still hasn’t been a single post regarding big wins IN NOVEMBER. So if I’m to believe Bovada promotions, via the Hot Drop Jackpots program there are individual players on this site winning close to $250,000 jackpots about once a week, ~$12,000 jackpots once a day, and the progressive slots are handing out $100,000 or larger jackpots all the time YET every one of these winners has ignored your request to share their good fortune with the community? Very curious, because I would want to tell the world if I won ANY size jackpot on here. And If I won a $250,000 jackpot OMG I would literally run down main street naked carrying a 50 foot banner that read BOVADA DROPPING FAT LOADS ALL FING DAY LONG and police would have to tazer me to get me to stop.


The wording was soo hilarious


Forgot to post this win back in October oops


Nice one! Was it on free spins or the wheel?

Free spins

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Wait, Joey Boots, didn’t you die?!! I’m so glad you’re really alive and playing on Bovada!!! Hell yeah man!