Progress Win - Week Beginning 7th March

Here are the progressive wins for the week ending March 6th.

Progressive Jackpots
Game 777 Deluxe - Won by Community Member
Bet Amount USD 10.00
Date and Time 03/10/2022 1:00 PM
Win Amount USD 116,000.59
Game 10 Times Vegas
Bet Amount USD 120.00
Date and Time 03/10/2022 11:38 PM
Win Amount USD 121,718.77
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount USD 10.00
Date and Time 03/10/2022 12:07 AM
Win Amount USD 568,926.57
Game Mystic Elements
Bet Amount USD 100.00
Date and Time 03/10/2022 10:18 AM
Win Amount USD 112,601.4
Game Lawless Ladies - Won by Community Member
Bet Amount USD 20.00
Date and Time 03/12/2022 3:12 PM
Win Amount USD 86,541.08
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount USD 100.00
Date and Time 03/11/2022 4:50 AM
Win Amount USD 74,144.63
Game Gold Rush Gus
Bet Amount USD 5.00
Date and Time 03/12/2022 3:31 PM
Win Amount USD 198,119.76
Game Reels and Wheels XL
Bet Amount USD 40.00
Date and Time 3/10/2022 12:31:00 AM
Win Amount USD 84,784.86

Congrats to the lucky winners.


Congrats to the winners!

I find it highly suspicious that members who are not members of the community that won the JP, suddenly join. If they have been members for quite some time, they would’ve been members already here.

If you are new - new, then I wouldn’t expect someone to be on this forum. But then i would still be highly suspicious of the Jp wins.

Does bovada know when the Jp’s will hit? Both small and large JP’s?

I was just thinking the same thing.

Do I assume us micro bettors stand near 0 chance to hit these ? Has a 20c spin ever hit a progressive over 1K…just curious honestly

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Your assumption is probably correct.


Member since 2007 when it was formerly BoDog and have been spinning everywhere from 20 cents to $20 and never won a jackpot

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The amount you risk, will not make any difference. You can check out this here, for a low risk amount.


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Thanks for the example Jasmine , it just seemed like on the surface almost all jackpot winners are/were $10 and up and I would figure there is just as many micro bettors out there if not more than the big money spinners so would expect to see them win jackpots more often but it is what it is

Thx again

95 percent is 10$ and up if these mods tell u different it’s bullshit


The whole “one example” thing is laughable.

But sure

Yeah they definitely think we’re all stupid but nothing we can do about it…they know we’ll keep playing regardless so they couldn’t gaf I’d imagine

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Spun $0.40 spins on this last night. Lost $60 and hit 4 bonuses within that time with the bonues paying $0.20, $0.40, $0.70, and $0.40…then hit 10 buffalos for $48 something, a fifth bonus for $7, and I think finally hit like $30 something on my 6th bonus or another random spin (I forget). I’ll try to upload pictures if I took them.
But what does this tell you?

This session single handedly proves correct with what you’ve all commented.

This cant be right. Someone spinning $20 a spin has to have a much better, like 100x better shot at a prog jackpot for those single spins respectively. The $20 spinner is the one building up the huge jackpot from whatever % is taken from each spin dropping towards the jackpot.


I looked at the last 2 years progressive winners I found only 10 winners or so betting under 2$ . The majority was 100$ bets . When they say random they mean between the high rollers. Us little guys that keep this place afloat they shit on . Been here for 10+years not one jackpot lose thousands a month. I’m about to find a new place bovada and sister sites are rigged


Every one of their spins counts for 500 more chances to win than yours, so it obviously makes sense they win the most often. Jasmine is mistaken writing that every spin is equal.

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where can i see the smaller progressive jackpot wins??? like crazy christmas or gold rush gus and the city of riches… these jackpots are hitting on a daily basis

They don’t post them which they should


I have hit probably 4 or 5 progressive jackpots in the last 5 years. All $5000 or less on either Crystal Waters or Aztec Treasure. Spinning $5 or $2. So it’s possible.

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