Reels and Wheels XL Jackpot over $1M

It wasn’t me but someone on Reddit is claiming to have won the giant Reels and Wheels XL jackpot off of a $.20 spin with a balance of .94 at the time of spin. I know it’s possible but I still question it and there are no other screenshots of proof. @moderators can you confirm the $ amount of the final jackpot and if it was someone from forum that won? More just curious if their screenshot was legit or photoshopped.

That would be beyond belief…but possible!

Probably what you’re referring to still a great hit


The weekly progressive jackpot win will be posted soon.

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No. The one I’m referring to we’d like $1.1M

@Rockland Holy cow!! Nice hit!

Wasn’t me this time lol that’s someone else


You’re wasting your time and money if you think you’re going to hit a jackpot betting .20 cents. Bovada would not allow it… If you notice only pleople that bet big usually $100 spins mostly win the jackpot. Not saying others can’t but highly unlikely

Persons have won progressives with only betting $0.20 so what you mentioned is not true. We do not control the outcome of the games.


I think you do control the outcome of the games.


Nice hit. But why was super jackpot “only” 26 k?

Yo Rockland that’s so dope gz bro!

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I’ve had some nice hits but that wasn’t me thanks anyway tho lol