SMS Issues - May 15 2022

Hi everyone,

We are aware that players are not receiving SMS codes when signing into their account or when requesting withdrawals. We will be temporarily suspending Marketplace posts and will keep everyone updated here.


This is absurd

Forgive my ignorance what does this mean?

When you sign into your account you are sometimes asked to verify an SMS code sent to your phone, and this is also the case when you request a withdrawal. Right now many players are not receiving those codes and we are looking into it.

If you are not able to sign into your account, you can try to while in incognito mode on your browser as it has worked for some players.

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Will try thanks

oh ok

Are bitcoin deposits working? Shows confirmed but not in my account.

Dang, I was going to bet the #10 in the 2nd at churchill. Of course it wins at 3-1 Smh!!

Due to this malfunction it also suspended me from withdraws for 24 hours. I tried chatting with host but the click here button wouldn’t work. Can you please unsuspend my account please

We’ve unblocked you, you should be good now.

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SMS should be working as normal now can you please let us know here is that isn’t the case?

Deposits working for anyone?

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If no one mentions any issues in the next 5 minutes we will open the marketplace again, for anyone who was trying to send a transfer, please try again now

Deposits were not affected by this issue, just withdrawals but all should be good now

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Thank you soo much

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Thanks! I only use the deposit button.

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Lol… That sucks. My bitcoin deposit is not coming in and it says confirmed.

Not for me…

Same. It’s a delay on the blockchain nothing to do with bovada.

Could you unlock my account for withdrawal too please? It was locked when the delay was happening. Thank you!