Soccer Competition 10 Predictor Saturday Jan 21st

Fancy yourself as a Soccer pundit ? Well here’s your chance !

Every Saturday we spotlight on 10 games from around the globe to bring you our 10 Predictor Competition.

Make your predictions from this weeks featured games with a Home Win , Away Win or a Draw result.

3 points are awarded for each correct prediction, and a cool $100 bonus is up for grabs !!

This weeks featured games are:

Game 1.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 7.30a ET

Liverpool V Chelsea
Lines available here

  • Liverpool Win
  • Chelsea Win
  • Liverpool/Chelsea Draw

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Game 2.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 10.00a ET

Bournemouth V Nottingham Forest
Lines available here

  • Bournemouth Win
  • Nottingham Win
  • Bournemouth/Nottingham Draw

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Game 3.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 10.00a ET

Southampton V Aston Villa
Lines available here

  • Southampton Win
  • Aston Villa Win
  • Southampton/Aston Villa Draw

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Game 4.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 10.00a ET

West Ham V Everton
Lines available here

  • West Ham Win
  • Everton Win
  • West Ham/Everton Draw

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Game 5.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 10.15a ET

Espanyol V Real Betis
Lines available here

  • Espanyol Win
  • Real Betis Win
  • Espanyol/Real Betis Draw

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Game 6.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 3.00p ET

Sevilla V Cadiz
Lines available here

  • Sevilla Win
  • Cadiz Win
  • Sevilla/Cadiz Draw

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Game 7.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 9.00a ET

Hellas Verona V Lecce
Lines available here

  • Verona Win
  • Lecce Win
  • Verona/Lecce Draw

0 voters

Game 8.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 9.30a ET

Bochum V Hertha BSC
Lines available here

  • Bochum Win
  • Hertha Win
  • Bochum/Hertha Draw

0 voters

Game 9.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 9.30a ET

Wolfsburg V Freiburg
Lines available here

  • Wolfsburg Win
  • Freiburg Win
  • Wolfsburg/Freiburg Draw

0 voters

Game 10.

Saturday Jan 21st @ 12.30p ET

FC Koln V Werder Bremen
Lines available here

  • FC Koln Win
  • Werder Bremen Win
  • FC Koln/Werder Bremen Draw

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Polls will close at 6a ET on Saturday January 21st


  1. Only one entry per player.
  2. Vote on the poll with your predictions, we do not accept entries via Moderator messages.
  3. Players must state either Home Win, Away Win, or Draw for each game.
  4. The home team will always be the team whose name appears first for each fixture.
  5. Three Points will be given for each correct prediction up to a maximum of 30 points.
  6. The player with the most points combined for the ten games will be deemed the winner.
  7. In the event of one or more players having the same amount of points, the prize will be shared.
  8. The minimum prize for any winning player will be $10.
  9. The result of all games will be as per Flash Score which can be seen here.
  10. The bonus funds will be paid into the winners account , and will carry the standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino Play.
  11. In the event of any games being cancelled, the competition will run with the remainder of the games played.

:soccer: Best of Luck To Everyone :soccer:


Well… Games 1, 5, and 10 were published correctly. We can see who we voted for, who everyone else voted for, and it’s easy to see that we voted at all.

The other 7 games are published incorrectly. We vote and all we can see is that the total number of voters changes when we vote; no record of who we voted for or how anyone else voted. [Correction: the checked box remains visible, so at least we can see who we intended to vote for. There’s no indication we actually clicked the Vote button nor that the vote was registered.]

At least the link to English Premier League lines now works. Thanks. Small progress. Hopefully next week please set up all 10 games properly like games 1, 5, and 10. Please?


The issue with this, is that you can see what everyone else voted for, then change your vote should you wish to, which is why it should be set to show votes after the polls close.

Either way, I doubt most of us care. If we can see how others voted and can change our vote, so can the other players, so it’s an even playing field for all. If you don’t want us to be able to see how others voted, I’m cool with that as well.

What we don’t want (pretty sure I’m speaking for nearly everyone) is not being able to tell before voting closes if we’ve registered a vote for a particular game, and who we voted for. Then after voting closes, we’d still want to see who we voted for and additionally, how the field voted. Personally, I like being able to see how others voted, once the voting has closed. We sometimes chat with each other as the games are played and can see how we’re doing against the field. It adds to the interest and fun.

Seeing others’ vote doesnt change things for me. It does help during games to see if i still have a chance to win compared to others lol.

It didn’t count my Verona pick even though I selected it wth

You had to click the Vote button under each of the 10 games. Every week people miss voting for some of the games.

That’s what I thought I did, either way I think I still would have lost. 7 or 8/10 not gonna cut it

I hope next week they get it fixed back to the way it used to be so each time you select it makes that selection blue. Or some other way to show you that you’ve made a selection and it’s registered. I don’t care if we can see player icons before voting closes; I’m OK if they show; OK if they don’t. No competitive advantage either way, since showing them means we can all see them. I just hope they get it to where we know at the time we vote and if we check back later to review or change a pick that we can see all of our selections and not have one missed from a misclick or oversight, whatever.

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I got 8/10. Anybody else get 8 right?

Here’s results per Flash Score (barring a copy/paste screw-up on my part):

Game Winner Score
1 Liverpool V Chelsea Draw 0-0
2 Bournemouth V Nottingham Forest Draw 1-1
3 Southampton V Aston Villa Aston Villa 1-0
4 West Ham V Everton West Ham 2-0
5 Espanyol V Real Betis Espanyol 1-0
6 Sevilla V Cadiz Sevilla 1-0
7 Hellas Verona V Lecce Hellas Verona 2-0
8 Bochum V Hertha BSC Bochum 3-1
9 Wolfsburg V Freiburg Wolfsburg 6-0
10 FC Köln V Werder Bremen FC Köln 7-1

My half-hearted data massaging effor suggests that BomboRiviera, KingBama, and I will be splitting the $100, but I’m not 100% sure of that. I’m 99%+ sure that no one beat 8/10, but if anyone thinks they did, I’d love to hear from them.

Can’t remember who I picked every game

Got 4/10 haha damn

I appreciate your insights and efforts StandardD!
I believe I did finish 8-2 today, and I would be honored to split the pot. We will see…

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Was so close to 9-1 . Late goals got me

8 will likely win with the draws. Props to whoever gets it done

@BomboRiviera, I believe you, @KingBama, and I will split the $100 three ways. We’ll see. I know our 8/10 was the best score. No one got more right, so we’ll at least get piece of the money. I’m already shopping for luxury vacation property tonight. :roll_eyes:


Congrats to this weeks winners with 24 points each :muscle: :soccer:
@BomboRiviera @KingBama @StndrDeviant
Fund swill be added shortly :money_mouth_face:

Finding themselves in the close but no cigar club this week with 21 points each are:
@CameronStrauss8 @CLew21 @Gators13 @Jackreed05 @johnl57 @kc_chuck @locrian0721 @moonshot21 @Thomassnaith @wheezer4