***Soccer Competition 10 Predictor Saturday March 18th***

Fancy yourself as a Soccer pundit ? Well here’s your chance !

Every Saturday we spotlight on 10 games from around the globe to bring you our 10 Predictor Competition.

Make your predictions from this weeks featured games with a Home Win , Away Win or a Draw result.

3 points are awarded for each correct prediction, and a cool $100 bonus is up for grabs !!

This weeks featured games are:

Game 1.

Saturday March 18th @ 10a ET

Aston Villa V Bournemouth
Lines available here

  • Aston Villa Win
  • Bournemouth Win
  • Aston Villa/Bournemouth Draw

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Game 2.

Saturday March 18th @ 10.00a ET

Brentford V Leicester
Lines available here

  • Brentford Win
  • Leicester Win
  • Brentford/Leicester Draw

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Game 3.

Saturday March 18th @ 10.00a ET

Southampton V Tottenham
Lines available here

  • Southampton Win
  • Tottenham Win
  • Southampton/Tottenham Draw

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Game 4.

Saturday March 18th @ 9.30a ET

Bochum V RB Leipzig
Lines available here

  • Bochum Win
  • RB Win
  • Bochum/RB Draw

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Game 5.

Saturday March 18th @ 9.30a ET

Hoffenheim V Hertha BSC
Lines available here

  • Hoffenheim Win
  • Hertha BSC Win
  • Hoffenheim/Hertha BSC Draw

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Game 6.

Saturday March 18th @ 09.30a ET

Stuttgart V Wolfsburg
Lines available here

  • Stuttgart Win
  • Wolfsburg Win
  • Stuttgart/Wolfsburg Draw

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Game 7.

Saturday March 18th @ 11.00a ET

Toulouse V Lille
Lines available here

  • Toulouse Win
  • Lille Win
  • Toulouse/Lille Draw

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Game 8.

Saturday March 18th @ 12.00p ET

Salernitana V Bologna
Lines available here

  • Salernitana Win
  • Bologna Win
  • Salernitana/Bologna Draw

0 voters

Game 9.

Saturday March 18th @ 2.45p ET

Udinese V AC Milan
Lines available here

  • Udinese Win
  • AC Milan Win
  • Udinese/AC Milan Draw

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Game 10.

Saturday March 18th @ 10.15a ET

Rayo Vallecaon V Girona
Lines available here

  • Rayo Vallecano Win
  • Girona Win
  • Rayo Vallecano/Girona Draw

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Polls will close at 6a ET on Saturday March 18th


  1. Only one entry per player.
  2. Vote on the poll with your predictions, we do not accept entries via Moderator messages.
  3. Players must state either Home Win, Away Win, or Draw for each game.
  4. The home team will always be the team whose name appears first for each fixture.
  5. Three Points will be given for each correct prediction up to a maximum of 30 points.
  6. The player with the most points combined for the ten games will be deemed the winner.
  7. In the event of one or more players having the same amount of points, the prize will be shared.
  8. The minimum prize for any winning player will be $10.
  9. The result of all games will be as per Flash Score which can be seen here.
  10. The bonus funds will be paid into the winners account , and will carry the standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino Play.
  11. In the event of any games being cancelled, the competition will run with the remainder of the games played.

:soccer: Best of Luck To Everyone :soccer:


FYI: The starting times listed for all 10 games are one hour too early. The USA went to daylight saving time last Sunday, but Europe starts it two weeks later, reducing the time differential between the two continents by one hour.

The Bovada betting lines linked to for each game actually show the correct starting times, as does any internet search. It’s only on this page that they’re listed incorrectly. I assume they’ll be wrong next week, too, and then after Europe moves to DST, they’ll be correct again.

Saturday when I start making my tracking post, I’ll list the correct starting times (for whatever that’s worth).


:soccer: :england: :soccer: :de: :soccer: :fr: :soccer: :it: :soccer: :es: :soccer: . . . UNofficial Results . . . :soccer: :england: :soccer: :de: :soccer: :fr: :soccer: :it: :soccer: :es: :soccer:

Game Status Winner/Leading Score Correct Percentage
1 :england: Aston Villa v Bournemouth Finished Aston Villa 3-0 94 76%
2 :england: Brentford v Leicester Finished Draw 1-1 20 16%
3 :england: Southampton v Tottenham Finished Draw 3-3 10 8%
4 :de: Bochum v RB Leipzig Finished Bochum 1-0 16 13%
5 :de: Hoffenheim v Hertha BSC Finished Hoffenheim 3-1 64 52%
6 :de: Stuttgart v Wolfsburg Finished Wolfsburg 1-0 71 57%
7 :fr: Toulouse v Lille Finished Lille 2-0 81 65%
8 :it: Salernitana v Bologna Finished Draw 2-2 29 23%
9 :it: Udinese v AC Milan Finished Udinese 3-1 12 10%
10 :es: Rayo Vallecano v Girona Finished Draw 2-2 38 31%
(results as of 06:19 PM) Contestants: 124
(per flashscore.com) Avg. correct/leading: 3.51 out of 10
Favorites per Bovada: 3 out of 10
Random W-D-L picks: 3.33 out of 10
Me (StndrDeviant): 4 out of 10

Note: The game times I’ve listed are correct. The times listed with the voting buttons are one hour too early, probably due to confusion caused by the USA beginning daylight saving time two weeks earlier than Europe.

Disclaimer: This is not official. I don’t work for Bovada. I’m just a player like you, and this is what I have compiled. I did it carefully, but there could be a mistake. Only moderators post official results!


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4/10 many unexpected results

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For sure. It wouldn’t surprise me if 6 wins this week. (You must be 4/9. The late game hasn’t started yet.)

[Updated after all games finished:]

4 draws
3 underdog victories
only 3 favorites won

Tough day!

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Congratulations to this weeks winners with 21 points
@garrison @TwistedLemon $50 each on the way soon! :muscle: :soccer:

This weeks close but no cigar club with 18 points features… @Eagles54492727 @Gnes777 @Kingfishtr @Manny2020 @walkerrr