***Soccer Competition 10 Predictor - Saturday October 29th***


Every Saturday we spotlight on 10 games from around the globe to bring you our 10 Predictor Competition.

Make your predictions from this weeks featured games with a Home Win , Away Win or a Draw prediction.

3 points are awarded for each correct prediction, and a cool $100 bonus is up for grabs !!

This weeks featured games are:

Game 1.

Saturday October 29th @ 7.30a ET

Leicester V Man City
Lines available here

  • Leicester WIN
  • Man City WIN
  • Leicester/Man City DRAW

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Game 2.

Saturday October 29th @ 10a ET

Bournemouth V Tottenham
Lines available here

  • Bournemouth WIN
  • Tottenham WIN
  • Bournemouth/Tottenham DRAW

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Game 3.

Saturday October 29th @ 12.30p ET

Fulham V Everton
Lines available here

  • Fulham WIN
  • Everton WIN
  • Fulham/Everton DRAW

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Game 4.

Saturday October 20th @ 9.30a ET

RB Leipzig V Bayer Leverkusen
Lines available here

  • RB Salzburg WIN
  • Bayer Leverkusen WIN
  • RB Salzburg/Bayer Leverkusen DRAW

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Game 5.

Saturday October 29th @ 9.30a ET

VfB Stuttgart V Augsburg
Lines available here

  • VfB Stuttgart WIN
  • Augsburg WIN
  • VfB Stuttgart/Augsburg DRAW

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Game 6.

Saturday October 29th @ 12.30p ET

Eintracht Frankfurt V Borussia Dortmund
Lines available here

  • Eintracht WIN
  • Borussia WIN
  • Eintracht/Borussia DRAW

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Game 7.

Saturday October 29th @ 12.30p ET

Sevilla V Rayo Vallecano
Lines available here

  • Sevilla WIN
  • Rayo Vallecano WIN
  • Sevilla/Rayo Vallecano DRAW

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Game 8.

Saturday October 29th @ 12.00p ET

Lecce V Juventus

Lines available here

  • Lecce WIN
  • Juventus WIN
  • Lecce/Juventus DRAW

0 voters

Game 9.

Saturday October 29th @ 11a ET

PSG V Troyes

Lines available here

  • Troyes WIN
  • PSG/Troyes DRAW

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Game 10.

Saturday October 29th @ 3p ET

**Strasbourg V Marseille **

Lines available here

  • Strasbourg WIN
  • Marseille WIN
  • Strasbourg/Marseille DRAW

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Polls will close at 6a ET on Saturday 29th


  1. Only one entry per player.
  2. Vote on the poll with your predictions, we do not accept entries via Moderator messages.
  3. Players must state either Home Win, Away Win, or Draw for each game.
  4. The home team will always be the team whose name appears first for each fixture.
  5. Three Points will be given for each correct prediction up to a maximum of 30 points.
  6. The player with the most points combined for the ten games will be deemed the winner.
  7. In the event of one or more players having the same amount of points, the prize will be shared.
  8. The minimum prize for any winning player will be $10.
  9. The result of all games will be as per Flash Score which can be seen here.
  10. The bonus funds will be paid into the winners account , and will carry the standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino Play.
  11. In the event of any games being cancelled, the competition will run with the remainder of the games played.

:soccer: Best of Luck To Everyone :soccer:


I got 18 points last week I was 3 points shy smh

My warm ups for the world cup, goodluck to every one


Game 4 is listed as RB Leipzig V Bayer Leverkusen which is correct.

But the first voting button shows RB Salzburg and the draw button is labeled RB Salzburg/Bayer Leverkusen DRAW.

The game is listed correctly in the heading, so I assume the first voting button is really a vote for the correct opponent and will be counted as such. Ditto for draws. Correct?

I don’t know if you can correct the error now that it’s posted and several dozen have voted.


Wish me luck I never win anything lol

I was just about to ask about that as well


I saw that hours ago, but I knew you or someone else would bring it to their attention at some point.

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Game 4 is for RB Leipzig V Bayer Leverkusen as the title suggests.

Apologies for the error on the voting buttons, but they will be counted as Leipzig in place of Salzburg

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Suggestion for new rule: the first one to point out an error in the voting buttons gets their selection for that game counted as correct, regardless of outcome. :grin:

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Right? I was thinking similarly, only a different avenue. It was greed. Yeah, like none of us have ever been that one greedy gambler hiding out after everyone is broke. We all greedy

How’s everybody doing so far? I’m 7-2 with underdog Strasbourg as my final pick.

GOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo…Strasbourg! :confetti_ball: :tada: :crossed_fingers: :four_leaf_clover:

7-2 with Marseille

I’m guessing at least 1 person is 8-1 though

Really needed the draw in the EF/BD match

7-2 as well with the draw

6-3 with Mar final pick

7-2 with Mars as well

Mars scored.

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7-2 with mars

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I cant see 8-2 winning this week if Marseille wins but who knows

Mostly favorites today. Pretty big ones

Needed that Eintravht Borissia draw i think

Got the first 7 right though

Should’ve parlayed them lol

I think my 8-2 will win as long as Strasbourg wins. They just let Marseilles score the first goal to get them overconfident. :smiley:

Yeah id rather be 7-2 with the draw or Stras for sure