***Soccer Competition Dec 4th 2021***

Fancy yourself as a Soccer pundit ? Well here’s your chance !

Every Saturday we spotlight on 10 games from around the globe to bring you our 10 Predictor Competition.

Make your predictions from this weeks featured games with a Home Win , Away Win or a Draw prediction.

3 points are awarded for each correct prediction, and a cool $100 bonus is up for grabs !!

This weeks featured games are:

Game 1.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 07.30a ET

West Ham V Chelsea
Lines available here

  • West Ham Win
  • Chelsea Win
  • West Ham / Chelsea Draw

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Game 2.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 10.00a ET

Newcastle United V Burnley
Lines available here

  • Newcastle United Win
  • Burnley Win
  • Newcastle United / Burnley Draw

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Game 3.

Saturday Dec 04th @ 10.00a ET

Southampton V Brighton
Lines available here

  • Southampton Win
  • Brighton Win
  • Southampton / Brighton Draw

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Game 4.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 11.00a ET

Lille V Troyes
Lines available here

  • Lille Win
  • Troyes Win
  • Lille / Troyes Draw

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Game 5.

Saturday Dec 4thth @ 09.30a ET

Arminia Bielefeld V FC Koln
Lines available here

  • Arminia Bielefeld Win
  • FC Koln Win
  • Arminia Bielefeld / FC Koln Draw

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Game 6.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 09.30a ET

Mainz V Wolfsburg
Lines available here

  • Mainz Win
  • Wolfsburg Win
  • Mainz / Wolfsburg Draw

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Game 7.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 12.30p ET

Borussia Dortmund V Bayern Munich
Lines available here

  • Borussia Dortmund Win
  • Bayern Munich Win
  • Borussia Dortmund / Bayern Munich Draw

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Game 8.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 12.00p ET

AS Roma V Inter Milan
Lines available here

  • AS Roma Win
  • Inter Milan Win
  • AS Roma / Inter Milan Draw

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Game 9.

Saturday Dec 4th @ 02.40p ET

Napoli V Atalanta

Lines available here

  • Napoli Win
  • Atalanta Win
  • Napoli / Atalanta Draw

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Game 10.

Saturday Oct 00th @ 00.00a ET

Sevilla V Villareal
Lines available here

  • Sevilla Win
  • Villareal Win
  • Sevilla / Villareal Draw

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*This thread will automatically close at 6.00a ET on Saturday December 4th


  1. Only one entry per player.
  2. Vote on the poll with your predictions, we do not accept entries via Moderator messages.
  3. Players must state either Home Win, Away Win, or Draw for each game.
  4. The home team will always be the team whose name appears first for each fixture.
  5. Three Points will be given for each correct prediction up to a maximum of 30 points.
  6. The player with the most points combined for the ten games will be deemed the winner.
  7. In the event of one or more players having the same amount of points, the prize will be shared.
  8. The minimum prize for any winning player will be $10.
  9. The result of all games will be as per Flash Scores which can be seen here.
  10. The bonus funds will be paid into the winners account , and will carry the standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino Play.

:soccer: Best of Luck To Everyone :soccer:


How did everyone do?!?

Suckage of the highest order

I got 5…definitely won’t be worth anything

Frankly some people will say its free money… Some people will say I whine too much… But this one is pure GAME OF LUCK…
NO ONE, I mean NO ONE in soccer can bet or be expert across leagues… Even the gr8 Gary Neville & Roy Keane do not comment across their own leagues forget betting on it.
The game, the play , the strategy is totally different.
No point is getting heartbroken on this…
Competition has to be League specific.

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Yes and that’s why sticking to a league like EPL even sticking to just a select few teams or like sticking to a specific idea over or unders but then you are using a system and systems suck too.

Being patient and biding your time and being selective is the only way to really make ideal profit on any sport.

Which reminds me tomorrow Crystal Palace under looks nice

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It 1 Under… Unless you are planning to Cash Out… Its risky … Its Ragnick first match … Would take Crystal Palace 1.5 Under 1 is risky.
Good luck.

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Ok so a big congrats to this weeks winners with 21 points, they are @brian_123 @Chasechg @Kevindebruyne & @maniacsell :muscle:
Accounts will be credited as soon as I am able.

The “close but no cigar” group this week with 18 points are: @AntasSantas @BomboRiviera @BuddyMan23 @Fillygator @johnl57 @Kman0207 @Mattm4434 @ngiftakis @Parlay99 @picklerick @Rmilia1 @sprocketdog & @wheezer3

Well played everyone, back on Wednesday for another! :soccer:


Accounts now credited. Congratulations guys!