***Soccer Competition UCL Feb 24th***

1st Goalscorer

:soccer: Wednesday Night Champions League Competition :soccer:

An interesting clash awaits us on Wednesday when Italy’s Atalanta take on the Spanish giants Real Madrid. With Atalanta flying high in the Serie A and taking the home advantage, and not to mention several key players out for Madrid this could be a very tough game to predict. Atalanta will surely go into this game as favorites, and a great game could be on the cards.

Get your thinking caps on, as we are giving you another chance to bag yourself a sweet $50 bonus if you can guess the minute of the first goal.

Atalanta V Real Madrid
Wednesday February 24th.
Kick off 15.00 ET

(This thread will close at 14.45 ET)


  1. Only 1 entry per player.
  2. Comment on this thread with the minute you think the first goal will be scored (no mod messages please!)
  3. If you think there will be 0 goals then you can enter '0 Goals" as your guess.
  4. If more than 1 player chooses the winning time, then the prize will be shared.
  5. In the event of no players guessing the correct score, the closest will win.
  6. In the event of 1 or more players choosing a lower time and 1 or more players choosing a higher time with the same distance away from the actual time then the lower guess will be the winner.
    (eg: player 1 chooses 15 minutes, player 2 chooses 25 minutes, and the actual time is 20 minutes, player 1 will be declared the winner)
  7. In the event of any player editing their post, only the original guess will count.
  8. The time of the first goal will be as posted by Flash Scores.
  9. The bonus funds will be paid into the winners account , and will carry the standard rollover of 5X Horses/Sports, 3X Poker Points or 20X Casino Play.
  10. Good luck to everyone! :soccer: :grin:

23rd min why try my luck again

13th minute

11 minutes first goal

25th min thanks !

35th minute

I’ll go with 41st minute here

13th minute thank you

I’ll go 50th minute

I’m gonna go with 43rd minute. Thanks!

Min 7 ! thank you :blush:

28th minute for me. Thank you

63rd minute. Thanks again!

I will select 49 minutes

My guess is minute 20

17th minute!

How exciting!!!

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0 . No goal

Minute number 4 folks

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10th minute

22nd minute

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