Thank you wheels and reels xl

Was on fire last night. Started with 15 bucks


Lol someone just did this they copy and pasted like seven milllion. No one going to believe that kind of win with out proof. Not if you been here forever.

Nice win was that the Vegas jackpot you hit

No just free spins multiple times

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Holy shit how many free spins was that?

15 bucks to 100000 off free spins is crazy :astonished::astonished: good winnnn

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Although you definitely DID NOT get to $100k from $15, I will say the casino is paying way more than usual surprisingly

I do agree. I’m just waiting for them to hit that switch and take all my winnings back :sweat_smile:

Started with 15 balance. Won on olympus slot. Went to wheels and hit 10 dollar bonus for 2k. Then retriggard on 100 and 200 spin


Well that sounded nice and simple shit i over here wasting my whole day for a couple 100 lol. Good job!

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As much as I want to believe Ryan, once I pull that off myself I’ll believe him. Unless mods confirm. :thinking::thinking:



So once you hit 2k you started spinning 100 and 200??

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That’s an amazing win. My congratulations!

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Congrats! :star_struck:

How much were you at when you started doing $100 per spin? Ridiculous come up by the way.

Props my man. Always nice to see someone won big

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That is crazy! All from $15 too. Congrats! The weekend will be very nice for you :slight_smile:


@ryanharris26 How were you able to withdraw $100k in 1 day?
I won $6k off a $100 deposit, took almost a day of up and downs and it took me 2 days to cash out using crypto. They had to review the win first. This was on a sister site

I did bitcoin withdraws. Had money in bank accounts in hours.