The Football Runner promotion

I placed 5th at 12:59 pl last night with a score of 670k why did I only get $30

This was at midnight when the contest should have ended

@Maeve_Bovada @Paul_Bovada @moderators

this entire thing is messed up, I received zero and had at least 40th place when the contest should have ended, On top of it they reset the leaderboards Monday and messed this entire thing up and nobody provided any explanations. Is it that difficult to run a game with a leaderboard?

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Yeah some clarification as to when it starts and ends exactly each week would be nice

they said it was supposed to reset each Wednesday, however, the leaderboard was reset in the middle of Sunday, losing everyone’s progress, and its truly unfair.

The score you talking about is credited for next week. They reset the leaderboards Monday for some reason. So your current score is for next weeks prize. The free spins

They just posted the winners

Your prize was issued, @BennyV.

I’ll look into this and escalate if neccessary.

This was sorted, I sent you more details via private message.

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I love how I never received any clarification as to why it was reset what a joke

It is being looked into. You will receive an update as soon as we hear anything.

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I never got the $100 for week 1. I got the $30 for week 2, but am still waiting on the $100

you’re the og bro never disrespect I just don’t like sitting in the dark

This is still pending on a check from the marketing team

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okay, thank you. I had gotten a private message saying that i was indeed in 25th place for week one that was like 5 days ago. I guess i am just waiting on the money to be credited to my account. Do you know when that might be?

@Paul_Bovada i placed top 25 and didn’t get anything

We’re looking into this.