The Football Runner promotion

The NFL season is around the corner and our excitement is growing as well! I’m sure we’re all getting ready for the new promotions Bovada Sportsbook has to offer, so how about we start with this fun mini game - ‘The Football Runner promotion’ starting on September 6?

Over the 18 weeks of the NFL regular season, we are giving you the chance to win some incredible prizes. From PlayStation 5s to signed NFL merchandise to MacBooks, there’s plenty of awesome prizes up for grabs every single week! All you need to do is score a touchdown to enter the weekly giveaway. Then, come back the following week to play again and enter the new giveaway – the best part is, it’s completely FREE.


@moderators when does score close for each week? i thought it reset Wednesday?


It did reset on Wednesday and winners from last week are being credited now.


@moderators i was in 24th place on Tuesday night and there were not even 50 people on the list, and now I am not on the winners list either? Whats up with that? The scores never reset from the first week.

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What is your username for the game? @BennyV

BennyV I am on the leader board for this week bvut i was also on it lastweek but idk what happened?

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as of Tuesday evening there were not even 50 people on the list of the top 50

BennyV is my username there were not even 50 people on the top 50 list as of Tuesday evening.

@BennyV we’ll check this for you.

thank you very much

still waiting on a reply from someone

This was addressed by James on the week 1 results thread - Football Runner Game Week 1 Results

no this was not addressed i finished 25th place week 1 and my name is not on the list anywhere. I got confirmation from one of the agents through message on bovada. I still have yet to receive the $100 that I was supposed to get for 25th place. I wish someone would help me resolve this. It really doesn’t seem like anyone has a handle on this contest you guys are running.

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I’ll check on this and get back to you.

We’ve contacted the Marketing Team again regarding this. As soon as they give us an update we’ll let you know.

I placed 5th at 12:59 pl last night with a score of 670k why did I only get $30

This was at midnight when the contest should have ended

@Maeve_Bovada @Paul_Bovada @moderators

this entire thing is messed up, I received zero and had at least 40th place when the contest should have ended, On top of it they reset the leaderboards Monday and messed this entire thing up and nobody provided any explanations. Is it that difficult to run a game with a leaderboard?

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