Football Runner Game Week 1 Results

Below are the week 1 winners and more information on the game can be found HERE

1st place also took home an $800 Prezzee Voucher

Place Game Name Prize Community Member
1 DMast $200 #N/A
2 fail $200 @Busterboi
3 charly0013 $200 #N/A
4 jimboFRINCE $200 #N/A
5 JMLubs $200 #N/A
6 jam $200 @jamjamjam
7 Cwell410 $200 @Cwell410
8 boogisbad $200 #N/A
9 Chrisx2324 $200 #N/A
10 Bolt4life $200 #N/A
11 Lukesavage $100 #N/A
12 Ryangene $100 @Ryangene
13 Claudia23 $100 #N/A
14 Bstern3 $100 @Bstern3
15 matt123 $100 @mthomas1
16 beastlyrams2839 $100 #N/A
17 Mikejakb17 $100 @Mikejakb17
18 Straythefeature $100 #N/A
19 csreaskii $100 @csr_123
20 Punt5722 $100 #N/A
21 Drewskii $100 @Andrewskii
22 Andrew Cavender $100 #N/A
23 mnosam08 $100 @Mnosam08
24 KCasher $100 @KCasher
25 Alex sanchez $100 #N/A
26 Catedev0108 $60 #N/A
27 Moonshot21 $60 @moonshot21
28 Yossandoval98 $60 @yossandoval98
29 cpinkus1990 $60 @cpinkus1990
30 Miggity23 $60 #N/A
31 12Gage $60 #N/A
32 Googil $60 @Gogilpro
33 Dagostayrising $60 #N/A
34 alext1287 $60 #N/A
35 Lunytoonz $60 @Lunytoonz
36 Joseph Hunt $60 #N/A
37 Dane $60 Dani1991
38 LouuDawgg $60 @LouuDawgg
39 Usc213 $60 #N/A
40 double94 $60 @Double117
41 Dwilliams1024 $60 @Dwilliams1024
42 Rico 559 $60 @Fecheverria58
43 Yell0wscorp1on $60 @Yell0wscorp1on
44 Carlo Buonopane $60 #N/A
45 Poetician $60 #N/A
46 BabyDoll $60 @Exzaylia
47 None $60 #N/A
48 Rhcp8705 $60 @Rhcp8705
49 Calinso23 $60 @Calonso23
50 Jaketknight $60 #N/A

Congrats to all the winners!


Great work community members.

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Scam. I had finished in 24th place at 12:59 on Wednesday and somehow didn’t even make the leaderboard.

Hi BennyV,
this will be looked into and checked.

thank you very much

i believe i had like 445000 points or something like that

Noted, thanks for the information.

Not a Scam @BennyV but maybe there is some confusion here. The leaderboard resets on Wednesday at midnight, so your score at 11:59p ET on Tuesday is what counts.

There were a few players disqualified because they did not add an email address that’s associated to an account, or because they did not deposit via non-card options in the past 30 days (14 entrants total).

Are you ‘BennyV’ in this game or something else?

I am Benny V and I was on the leader board on Tuesday at midnight. I have already gotten confirmation (via message in Bovada messages) that i was in fact in 25th place at the time of the contest closing. However, I still have not received my $100 that i was supposed to get for finishing 25th. I am awaiting a response from them in regard to that.

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If people play and don’t meet the qualifications do people move up the leaderboard or no?

Hi, my Bovada email and Bovada Community email are different. I put Bovada email on the leaderboard. Will this be handled?

Wait why did the leaderboard reset ?? It’s new scores since earlier today

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yeah @moderators scores reset…

is week 2 results over?

It reset day early apparently? Tbh it makes more sense for it to end Monday night at midnight since it’s associated with football but it didn’t even make it to midnight O :whale:

@James_Bovada can you look into this

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Still no update is crazy when it’s supposed to end tonight lmao

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so no update?

After speaking to @Paul_Bovada and eating 5 hours I received a message on bovada. All they told me was to refer to the leaderboard here: and provided me with a link… but the link was to the new scoreboard… not the one I had 560k points on before… thanks bovada