Wager Settlement Issues

This was settled.

23111844892308 Hey Paul I press cash out when it was 75 dollars and there was the 2 minute warning and it was avaliable why didn’t it go through


Guys can we please put in some type of review for the live chat for wagers because I pressed the cash out during the 2 minute warning of a game during commercials to try and teach someone as to why when I pressed the cash out the color buttons were just switching and nothing happened. This is a billion dollar company please guys help

I believe these have all been settled.

I wagered on Cincinnati bengals to win over Buffalo bills. They covered and I was credited for a loss.

@carpy81 Can you provide the reference number please?

Ref# PROPS 119754923

7player nhl shot prop parlay

Marked as a loss. Fanduel already paid this out after official scoring correction after game.
Jesper Bratt went from 1 shot on goal to the 2 required. NHL APP and ESPN APP official scoring shows this parlay as a winner.

We will have this looked into right now.

The wager has been fixed.

Hey guys , i just lost a 4 leg parlay this past saturday due to this line being marked a loss. It says N. Vucevic for 20 + Points + Rebounds @ -700. I read this line as 20 combined rebounds and points. I showed it to 10 gamblers and they all read it the same. Vucevic got 26 combined in the game, but was marked as loss. I emailed bovada and they claim it is 20 points and 20 rebounds, which makes absolutely no sense @ -700 for this player, i think he has that once in his career. Am i crazy or did i get scammed?

This 100% means 20 combined rebounds and points. @moderators fix this for him please. 20 rebounds and 20 points would’ve been +5000 or greater


Hi @burner111,

We will be having a look into this wager for you and once we have an update we will it shared with you.

Also, we would like to welcome you to the Community, thanks for joining.


The wager has been fixed.


thanks buddy


cheers for the support


Please grade Ref. 23111846634217

thanks in advance

Checking on the wager right now.

I’ve already won my recent 2 parlay but it hasn’t paid me out yet and I want to place a live bet. Could you possibly help me get the funds so that I can use them?