Wager Settlement Issues

Ref. 20031130673412 - I bet over 74 degrees in KC, Missouri which was ruled a loss. Per https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/usa/kansas-city, the high yesterday was 74 degrees which should result in a push. Please advise.



Hey @conordurkin, I’ll review that wager for you and I’ll circle back with an update shortly.

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Thanks - if you scroll down to see " Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours" you can also see multiple reading where the temp was at 74.

Thank you for that information @conordurkin , the wager has now been re-settled as a win.

Same issue as OP, Ref. 20031130662326

Please advise

@hereforweather We’ll have a look.

@hereforweather it’s been re-settled for you.


Wonderful, thanks for the quick response!

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I was up one thousand dollars right before this crash and then just before the crash everything went south ! How do I know if my losses weren’t because of the system going awry … and furthermore how can I trust your Random Number Selector when your system freaks out so much ! I mean how many times have I experienced freezing, or continuing spinning, and pop ups that say please reconnect or RELOAD … Just wondering ! sorry for asking ! But I have lost my shorts in the last few weeks,. I don’t think a quick explanation is to much to ask for since I dropped several thousand, do you !

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I’m waiting on an issue from last Sunday when I was playing 777 slots and the game disconnected in the bonus round. I was up 134 dollars and on my 5th spin. The only thing I’ve been told is that they’re waiting for an update. This happened before the technical issues. I’ve been told 24-48 hours, shortly,and we we’re waiting on our texhi team to fix it.

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The pending wager Ref. 20031130764474 is stuck in by bet slip and should be graded as a win. Please loo into this when you have a moment.


@Hutch_123 We’ll check the wager out.


Please correct the grade on Ref. 20031130818666 (win graded as a loss).

It is the exact same bet as Ref. 20031130818478 which was correctly graded as a win.

This was a best of 1 match (as all North American regular season LCS games are bo1).

Here is the VOD confirming 100 Thieves won the match (and thus the map)

Here is the match history page directly from Riot Games showing 100 Thieves won the match.

Thx for assistance


I made a wager on the 19th that has been not been graded. Ref. 20031130756292

Real Hope FC vs Fica, over 1.5.

Please let me know if this can be settled. Thank you

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I has been almost 2 days my bets have not settled Ref. 20031130766811

Hello, I made a wager:
Placed - Single
Risk $ 5.00 / To Win $ 13.00 / Odds +260
Petr Kolesnik (+260)
Vladislav Volokhov vs Petr Kolesnik
(Live Match) Moneyline
Table Tennis - Ukraine - TT-Cup Mar 19, 2020 06:05 PM EDT

I have not received my payout


Hey @Nickrollie91 and @lucky_123, your wagers have now been settled.

@siegelp I’m taking a look at your wager details right now and I’ll update you shortly.

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Thank you for your help! It is much appreciated. Have a great day.



@siegelp your wager has been now settled as well, apologies for the delay.

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