Wager Settlement Issues

@adz_123, welcome to the Community.

We’ll take a look into this wager and Pm you shortly with details.

I had two small bets on the Masters. What will happen?

This was addressed on another topic.

Ref. 20031131174539
Ref. 20031131184147

Both of these players didn’t even compete in the event and backed out before the event began. I submitted MULTIPLE chat sessions to inform your sportsbook team of this, both before and during the event, and was told it would be taken care of and to watch for updates. Well the event is now over and they were both marked as losses. Actually, one was marked as “Selection did not Start/Participate” on 3/27 but was then regraded as a loss about 3 hours ago.

Please see the Tour’s official Sundance event results page below. You will not find Savannah Vilaubi or Brenna Lervick because neither competed in the event. They backed out due to COVID-19 concerns.


Please correct this error.


Hey @atlsutiger, I’ll check on those wagers and I’ll let you know once I get an update on them.

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These have been re-settled accordingly now @atlsutiger, apologies for the delay.

I really appreciate the assistance!

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I have a wager ref. 20031131772610, that was graded as a push.
I have checked the final results and it should have been a win (especially since you can’t push since i took the under at 42.5 points). You can’t push a half point.

Please review and respond. Much appreciated!

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We’ll take a look into this and PM you with details shortly.


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Did anybody else bet on the Tom Brady prop bet? The prop said the first to report the terms of his new contract would win.

I bet Adam Schefter. He turned out to be the first to report the contract, and Bovada marked it as a loss anyway!

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Welcome to the community @stephenja! We’ll check this prop wager with our Sports team and we’ll let you know once we get an update.

Hey there. A while back a placed a bet that wrestemania would not be cancelled or rescheduled. Any reason why there would be a result - no action?

Welcome @Oleboykabelo :slight_smile:

This line was settled as No Action as the event was moved to another venue.

Oh I see! That makes sense

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Please check wager Ref. 20041132449100
Draw graded as a loss.
Also have three other wins graded as loss
Ref. 20041132443868.

Ref. 20041132406866

Ref. 20041132408731

@Romeo847, welcome to the Community. Upon review, all 4 of these wagers were correctly graded as losses. We have PM’ed you with details and links to these decisions.

3 team parlay

Ref # 20041132508230

Listed as loss but your site and others showed all 3 games as wins

Please rectify

I’ll send you a PM regarding the settlement of this wager.