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I was just wondering how long it takes for postponed / cancelled games to become graded for No Action? There is an upcoming game coming up in a little under an hour and I would love to have my funds not be locked up to wager on it. Thanks!


The answer to this would be dependent on the type of wager in question. Would you be able to provide a reference number for us to check on it? If you would prefer it to be private you can message the moderator team here.


Down below is the reference number of the wager. As you may check, the first game of the parlay has been postponed / cancelled. Thanks!

Ref. 20031130497032

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Upon review, as this is a parlayed wager, while the first leg will be graded as ‘No Action’, the second part of the wager does still have action and is now reduced to a single wager as per the rules here.

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My wager about an hour ago hasn’t been graded
The ref no is 20031130578261

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@chrismaboh We’ve gone ahead and escalated the results to our Sports Team. The settlement should be coming in shortly.

Your wager is now settled!

I have a wager not graded. Ref number is 20031130618368

This has since been settled as a win. Please note that sometimes our Sports team might be waiting for the official results in order to settle a wager.

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Any chance my wager could also please be settled as a win all the losses took no problem. 20031130773250 Ref

Apologies for the late response @Justncredible, your wager has since been settled as a win.

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No need to apologize Lukas! I know it’s been crazy. I do have a bit of a more complicated issue however that has never happened before. I placed a wager and it disappeared money out of my account yet no open bet and no transaction history literally just happened? I’m baffled

I will check on that for you right now @Justncredible and I’ll let you know soon.

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Got an ungraded wager ref 20031130814991

@chrismaboh We’ll have a look for you

Please grade 20031130814652

Game was suspended.

My losses are going through but my wins are staying in “open bets” and not paying out ever since the weird crash. Any ideas?

@Melomyke We’ll take a look into your open wagers.

I have two unpaid winning bets. Ref. # 20031130765667 and 20031130764277. It’s been two days, why are these not paid?