Website Outage, Compensation Questions

Thank you all, we are back online!

A percentage of players were already compensated, however some have not been yet.

Compensation for eligible players will be added to accounts over the next 24 hours. We were trying to add any bonuses to accounts before the site was back, however we made the decision to prioritize access to your account over further delays.

We will be updating everyone in this thread specifically about compensation, we cannot issue anything manually right now, but once we receive confirmation that all accounts have been credited we can address account-specific questions.

I know there are a lot of questions but this thread will only be for updates on compensation. We will make new threads for other questions to try and keep things organized as much as possible.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience here and we are very sorry for the inconveniences this situation has caused.


:speaking_head:LFG!!! Bovada kept their & I respect that to da upmost now let’s get paper​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::triumph::100::muscle:t4:


Glad it’s running again. i’m sure it’s been a nightmare!


@James_Bovada @Matty_Bovada Hello, my friend just received a bonus for the extended downtime of $100. He is pro level 3 and I’m pro level 1, what bonus will I receive?


So I guess some people didn’t get any compensation? Like me, I’m some people lol bummer


Ask for sure

how the hell did i only get $30 bonus when im Legend Level 2 and tons of buddies of mine that are All star (tier lower) got $150? this some janky ass sh*t . that has to have been a typo it shouldve been other way around. Legend is 2nd highest tier player on this website. wtf 3 days down and top tier players got 30$ yall really trying to run people off to other websites or what?


More promotions team facts and figures…thanks guys I mean 150 bucks is better than nothing but come on …thousands deposited…not suprised though…its bovada :money_mouth_face:

Recent activity was used for compensation amounts @chazcoe21 and batched. We will be able to look into individual compensation feedback over the next few days but please give us some time.


Yea, did I not receive anything cause all
My funds are currently locked up on “bonus funds” rollover requirements?

No, you will still get compensation @MrE555, within the next 24 hours.


Where is my bonus?

Due to your shutdown I lost a LOT. I want atleast a 250$.

I have gambled over $26,000 this month and I didn’t get a bonus how is that even possible I’m a legend level 3 so that should tell a lot of how much I use this site

Where is my bonus? I’m a hall of fame member (The highest rank) and apparently im only getting $50 compared to everyone else??? You guys owe me atleast $500 - $1000 with your 48 hour downtime and holding my $9000 hostage so i couldn’t bet this last 48 hour

@James_Bovada , interesting, because 1 of my buddies who is tier lower than me on tier status not only got 150$ he went and talked to someone maybe another manager and just gave him 200$ more to his account. this is bullshit. ive been with this book for 6 years now and ill i got was a measley rookie tier 30$ wtf am i supposed to do with that? im pretty heated about this and very much considering walking away from this book to another one. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Really? $30 bonus? This has to be a joke. How recent of activity? $40,000 warrants $30? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

lmfao after reading all these replies it seems like bovada is giving more money to the new members compared to their higher ranked members…

@James_Bovada I know many people might not care but I do and I’m wondering if the website is functioning with that new upgrade going through or it is the same as before the outage


it was all randomized thats what im beginning to think. they giving rookie level tier players (some buddies of mine) 150$ and im legend level 2 and i got 30$ as well! wtf is this bullshit lol

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How does the bonus and pts drop bonuses work when you also have a withdrawable balance

Say youve got 200 you can withdraw and 350 in bonus

Youd like to sell the 200 but place bets on tonight

Will the bets come from bonus funds or withdrawable amount firsr? Dont want to list minet fir sake then place bets and have it not be available to withdraw


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