Week 6 NFL 2021 Survivor Pool

These are my picks
Week 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 2: Denver Broncos
Week 3: Las Vegas Raiders
Week 4: Buffalo Bills
Week 5: Arizona Cardinals

I’m still in the competition

@4teen11 We have now backtracked the report and unfortunately it does appear for week 3 you had also chose the Cardinals. We don’t see any email response from you changing the pick on our end, and the results on our Poll data show the Cardinals picked in week 3.

You can also see HERE that your picks were tracked and the Cardinals were your week 3 pick that was entered and provided on our week 3 winners list.

Come on Buccs week#6

I have in my records for week 3 Raiders but in your track you have Cardinals…

I’m out of the competition for not checking my pick is correct during week 3

For the rest of the field remaining double check and make sure your pick is correct.

Good luck and cheers


49ers (vs Lions)

Bills LOL Dolphins

Ravens (whew got lucky for many of us.)

Cowboys (scary first few scores back and forth and then 2nd half blowout.)

Cardinals (another scary game here it was a lot closer than the final score indicates)

I think I wanna hit that Steelers button so bad but the Seahawks on the road with no Wilson.

Join me with the steelers! I don’t think geno Smith has changed since 2013 either…

I just can’t click Indy. Not after that embarrassment of a second half.

Dallas Cowboys

seahawks may be a good choice without wilson,but i think the most obvious pick this week would be for the Rams’s that’s who I’m going with myself.Good luck to everyone and Congrats on making it another week!

Dallas Cowboys

Just to clarify, there will be no double picks towards the end of the season if a group of people still are alive? It will just be a split pot?

Correct. It would be a winner take all or after week 18, who ever is left, it will be a split pot.


I am going Chiefs! Let’s go!

And will it be immediately paid into your account in cash? No bonus playthrough rules?

We don’t issue straight cash so it would like all of the other competitions

I don’t understand your answer. I don’t know what you do in other competitions. How does the winner get the $3,000? What happens? Thanks.

It’s 3000 in cash but you’d have to roll it over you can’t just withdraw it right away

Crap!! I picked the Steelers but it’s not showing here

I selected it, or thought I did when I when I posted a few hours ago :man_facepalming:t3:


We have no pick for that