“What if scenario..”

Man this is the highest I’ve never seen. The guy in 3rd seat bet $400. I’m curious. What if he let it ride all the way to 14k?

I think they have the game capped to a $100,000 win unless I am wrong. Feel like I have read that in the game description on the left.
Definitely the highest I have seen it go though.

Pretty sure it does crazy stuff like this when everyone hits their auto cashout. Makes it tempting to remove the auto cashout or bump it up the next round. :roll_eyes:

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If so, would your $400 bet auto cash out at 250x?

Confirmed it says $100,000 max payout on the side. There is also another question concerning the max bet on the side with the answer reading ‘It depends on the auto cash out value and maximum payout of $100,000’… So in my mind, if you have an auto cash out value at 250X set, the game would not allow any bet amount greater than 400, meaning… to me, at least… that you do auto-cash out at $100,000 payout no matter what. Could very well be wrong tho


When you bet an amount, it does not let you set an auto-cashout that would total greater than $100k. Similarly, if you have auto-cashout set to a number, it won’t let you up your bet to have a payout greater than $100k.

What game is that?

I’ve noticed it keeps going once everyone’s jumped out. I’ve never seen it go that high only a few times when the game glitched and just kept riding.