Won the daily jackpot 240k

• What are your initials? mb
• How long have you been with us? since 2017 so 5 years
• What was your winning game and amount? 240k on midnight at cleo
• Was this your first big win online? yeah it was though i had a streak to 9k once from the roulette game
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? i do not know


Congratulations!! How much were you betting?

i was betting $1 and was the 1st time seeing the crowns in $1 cause i usually did 40 cents until recently and seen it i think twice


Wow. That’s amazing. So good to hear community members winning. I usually have my doubts that it’s real, so good to hear. Do you have a screen shot of it popping up? Did you almost pass out!??

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Congratulations! Huge win :slight_smile:
What are these crowns people are talking about? Ive played many times trying for any of these hot drop jackpots and have never seen what these crowns are.


Congratulations… your so lucky!

Now r u selling by chance cus ders a lot of buyers and no seller… i would have thought that u would be selling now… not unless this is another bot account from bovada that says they have won a jackpot


Or… They are being intelligent and withdrawing via Crypto where a good tax person could help ease your tax obligations…

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Wow!!! That’s awesome! Life changing. Congratulations my friend.

Congrats @Maxman33, absolutely life changing amount and I know you will enjoy it!!

Congrats!!! nice one!!!

I was shaking honestly and i went straight to my brother to show him. Like 2 minutes before the hourly was won so i knew as soon as i got it what i won.

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Doing bitcoin since its what i always done.

After all the speculation and the denial of involvement from bovada and their sister sites, bovada has admitted it does indeed share the jackpots from their other sites. However, their business partners deny any involvement with bovada and claim that the winner was a member of their platform. After 30 days of speculation finally someone came forward to either brag about their win or to quiet down the noise that this truly is a failed promotion. And that gentleman clearly doesn’t appear to be a bragger because if you can come forward this far, why not show the proof, maybe the same proof he showed his brother could be sufficient enough however. I will attach a snapshot here shortly from the other entities claiming that this indeed is not accurate

We have already discussed this with you via PM. We will not allow third party links on the platform.

No where on this Community or on the Bovada site does this state any different. if there has been any agents that said otherwise we will follow up with them. We do share a few services with other websites and many other gaming sites share progressive jackpots as well. That being said we won’t be discussing statements or articles on other websites.

How believable are the winnings and how often do they come if they are believable. Bovada is becoming more sickening with their strategy of manipulating winnings and their plays!

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Are you selling any of it bro? I’m tryna buy 100

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How long have been this hotdrop jackpot available? I’ve only seen 2 winners surveys so far , suspicious? Idk what do you all think? Sorry the “Hourley” winner is 100% true , yeah, right :expressionless:

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