Wow for .11 cents lol

• What are your initials?dd
• How long have you been with us? 6yrs
• What was your winning game and amount?ceasers empire 0.11 spin 75$ win
• Was this your first big win online?no
• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?playing more


75 bucks lmfao

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not bragging lost it all already lol but yea on 11 cents

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Nothing to sneeze at. That’s 681 times his $0.11 bet. That is an incredible multiple.
Hopefully you can increase your bet to $2 or $5 and hit it again


poker 7 dollar sit and go for 35$ i have aq raise 5x pre villian calls flops AQ4 i bet medium he calls turns a king i bet big he shoves i call flips over 10 4 and rivers a four if thats not a bot i honestly dont know what to say a complete moron just a joke lol

yea thats why i posted it its not a huge amount but sheesh i cant win 75 betting 1-2 dollars never thought 11cents would

Do you usually bet less than the 20 lines or just when I get low on funds? I like some of those old games. I’ve ran it up from hitting nice on one line after having pennies left lol

no i had 3 dollars so i just randomly put 11 cents and it hit the 11th line exactly with best symbol and 2 wilds lol miracle forsure