Community Freeroll Tournaments

We’re pleased to announce the beginning of something new for our community members.

Starting this month we’ll have a monthly community freeroll which will go on for 5 months and lead to our top performers making it to the final table.

  • They will be guaranteed $500 Freerolls with $1+$0.10 re-entries available until the first break.
  • Passwords will be shared 2 days before the start of each tournament.
  • The tournaments start at 3:05 ET on the following dates (Saturdays):

o 3/13/21 - PASSWORD: BVCFR2
o 4/3/21 - PASSWORD: BVCFR3
o 5/1/21 - PASSWORD: BVCFR4
o 6/5/21 - PASSWORD: BVCFR5
o 7/3/21 - PASSWORD: BVCFR6

  • The tournaments will be Turbo style
  • Top 20% of finishers will be paid

As for the tracking of each tournament; The top 10 will be shared in the Community and receive points based on the following structure:

Place Points
1st 25
2nd 18
3rd 15
4th 12
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 1
  • These points will be accumulate throughout the 5 tournaments and the top nine players based on points after the last tournament on 7/3/21 will play at our final table for $500 on Saturday July 10th. For example; if you finish 1st in the first tournament and 3rd in the second you will have accumulated 40points.

  • Winner of the final table will be crowned the 1st Community Poker Champion.

We hope everyone enjoys this and if you have any questions, please let us know.


Are winnings issued bonus style with play-through requirements or cash money?

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@dustin_b12 Yes, winnings would go straight to withdrawable cash


Cool stuff ill play

Cool, we gotta sign up somewhere or?..

Great…How do I sign up?..

The password will be provided 2 days before the tournament, all you would need to do is locate the name of the tournament and you’ll be all set.


Sounds like fun👍

Let’s play poker

What is the password? I found the tournament has been listed. Thankyou!

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Hi Guys,

The password of the tournament is BVCFR2 and the tournament can be found HERE.


So, the only thing you can win each month by participating in the tournament is points? Points that accumulate towards a potential seat in the final event of this 5 month event? Then the winner takes all? Just want to make sure I understand…

@RundieMC Cash prizes will be handed out for each tournament as well


Oh ok - Cash prizes of a certain amount? Sorry if I’m missing something already stated!

Edit: So $500 up for grabs each tourney

@RundieMC Guaranteed $500


This is great! I take part in the sister sites freerolls I literally just clicked on private tournaments and seen this freeroll a minute ago and came here to find the password lol. I’m in! It’ll be great playing with you all. Still wish names were on the players. So many times I wanted to congratulate or tell my opponent what a great game it was even after a loss. Good luck everyone!


I’ll drop my player number here when tournament starts, hoping others do the same. I’ll keep an updated list with notable community members if they wish. I look forward to knocking you all out :handshake::money_mouth_face:


Time to curb stomp the competition! :grin: :raised_hands: :metal:


looking forward to some friendly community competition


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