Crypto Corner ! $50 Bonus Chance

Hi All,


Cryptocurrencies, as we all know, are becoming more widely accepted as a means of conducting financial transactions. The nicest things about Crypto are the low fees and the ability to track your transactions at your leisure.

We’re interested in learning about your preferred wallets and exchanges. Also additionally tell us something else you like about the wallet and exchange you use. Everyone who responds will be entered into a random draw for a chance to win a $50.00 bonus. Let the fun begins. Entries should be received before 11:15p EST.


I like using wallet. Been using them for years. Get 4% interest on my bitcoin stored there too which is nice.

I like using Coinbase Pro trading platform to sell/buy my crypto. The fees are getting higher though so I’m hoping to see what others suggest so I can branch out

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In my four years of buying/trading/sending crypto currencies, I’ve used multiple websites and crypto wallets. I hands down believe the two that are far and above better than any other crypto wallet is Coinbase and Kraken. Thank you mods to earn a bonus!

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I enjoy Coinbase! Always been easy to use and it is the one most familiar with so stick with it

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I prefer to purchase BTC. As a good rule of thumb, send your BTC purchases to a wallet first then wallet to Bovada for added security. I use Ledger Nano S as my hard wallet.

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Coinbase and Gemini are my favorites. Gemini for the fact that they allow Apple Pay as a form of payment. GL all!

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I prefer Enjin wallet, Exodus wallet and Atomic wallet.

I have been using mostly Litecoin this year.

Providing a new address for every single crypto withdrawal can be a major pain, especially when the withdrawal is cancelled, so nothing is sent to that address, changing it at the wallet automatically.

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I love Coinbase. So easy to use. Bitcoin and the crypto world changed so much in just a decade

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I like buying on cashapp and sending to exodus wallet. Its fast and easy.

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Great conversation starter here mods. Very helpful to see what everyone uses for their crypto needs.

I personally prefer Coinbase for their user friendly platform, but i prefer as it relates to the flexibility and higher limits.

As far as fees go, fees are going to be fees. I think everyone has accepted that by now.

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Coinomi for me…The send and receive is fast and easy to use…I also use Exodus too… Thanks for having this drawing to win a :moneybag:!!!

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Coinbase here. I have been using the Litecoin lately. No extra fees after the normal crypto fees, and times are fast. Bovada cashes it out within an hour too!! :wink:

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I prefer bitcoin ATMs actually, there are a ton in my area and you deposit cash into it and it send it straight to bovada. It then sends you a text with all the information such as the amount and the wallet it was sent too. Usually fairly quick, fees aren’t too bad and they offer multiple crypto options.

I also like to buy straight from blockchain and send it directly to bovada.

I have used Coinbase a lot as well as cashapp but they are very interested in where you send your funds so I prefer not to play with fire on those two.

I have used coinmama a few times, the interface isn’t the best but it’s another option.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Rocket coin is my jam for cashing in and out. Easy to make moves!!

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Trezor Bitcoin wallet. I don’t trust any of the online or mobile wallets.

Binance is a good exchange, reasonable fees

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I have had successfully used coinbase of course I used a middle wallet but cashapps bitcoin seems ok too

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I either use a BTC ATM which has very reasonable fees and is fairly quick in sending straight to Bovada (or any other address).

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Thanks for entry

I prefer coinbase by far. And litecoin for the crypto… fees are much lower… bitcoin seems pretty quick as well . Havent tried many of the lessee known ones but yeah coinbase is super easy to use and convenient…even for those of us that aren’t tech savvy

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Coinbase all day

The ATM sounds intriguing though!

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