Football Runner Game Week 2 Results

Last week you finished with 495000 which also put you in the top 50 and ill get that credited asap. You have 525000 for this week so far.

By chance, did you get your high score last week between 11p and 11:59p ET on the Tuesday night, is that possible?

Can you check on mine also?

Can you check mine? I was on the leaderboard

565000 enough for the $30 bonus will credit now

505000, also would qualify for the $30 and we will credit now.

Do either of you guys remember when you achieved your top score? Could it have been between 11p and 11:59p last tuesday?

I had 530000 and it dissapeared as well

When was this @JaneLA ? for week 2 you had 670000 points and were credited the bonus on the 20th:

You’re sitting at 615k for week 3

I was confused on the weeks….my Tuesday score of 530k dissapeared so I had to play again to be on the leaderboard today. For some reason Tuesday leaderboard had issues. It was a different leaderboard than the one Monday and also different than the one from last 2 days

Seems very confusing and we’re sorry about that - there should be no issues moving forward - I don’t see you with a score in Week 1, but you did place in Week 2 and now in Week 3 you are on track to place again :slight_smile:

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Thanks James. No it was around 5 pm central right after I got off work

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Im not finding my score anywhere in the results posted, i used the same username on the football runner game as here. Can you let me know what my highest recorded score was?

Week 1 and 2 closed at different times, when does week 3 close? Will it be consistent moving forward?

I also had 505,000 can I get my funds credited too?

@MorLess56 This will be checked and we’ll let you know.

@djay24 We’ll clarify this for you.

@mcfc104 It shows that you did not make it to the top 50. We’ll need to check this further.

How much will the spins be worth James ? I know the rewards are 65 spins, 40 spins , and 30 spins but how much will each spin be worth ?

They’re .20c spins

Oh that’s useless for this week then

How tf these people getting over 800k on this game now? Lol last 2 weeks people were getting top 50 with like 500k points not the top 50 is 600 something. Hard af now lol you people playing on pc with a 240hz monitor or what? When I try this game on pc it’s blurry as hell… looks better on my phone.

I was thinking the same thing the 700,000 I can see anybody getting that but 800k is insane. My highest has been 710k I haven’t had one game where 800k was even possible. What’s more suspicious is it’s the same person getting 800k every week

the players are getting better… You literally need 700,000 now to be top 5. That’s why

I agree I think the top 10 should not be allowed to play the next week to give other people a chance. It’s literally the same people winning each week.

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