Football Runner Game Week 2 Results

How is it that scores that don’t even get to count stay on the board of winners?

I had 565,000 and mine disappeared also.

I finished top 25 by Wednesday Mnm12 and now I’m at 38. Still haven’t been given my bonus

They reset the leaderboard on Monday (idk why) so the score you talking about doesn’t count towards last week but only this week

@Alice_Bovada update?

Tuesday night I posted a 545,000 and was in 37th place. What happened to my score @James_Bovada

We haven’t provided any update as this is still under review guys.

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Nothing yet?

It’s been 2 days now and I still haven’t received my rewards for finishing 6th place on the leaderboards. Why do we have to wait 7 working days to get our rewards it’s ridiculous :sleepy:

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Seriously. This is ridiculous

The funds are in your account now, our apologies for the delay

what about the issues i raised? on how my top 50 score was reset monday

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I haven’t received anything. I placed top 25 originally then got bumped to 38…

@James_Bovada I was told multiple times it would be checked into looked at ive been patient just want some clarification as multiple users brought up the same concern regarding the reset points on monday when it should not have been. At the time i was well it the 30-50 range and stated I did not feel the need to continue to try and play if it would be fixed.

It looks like you have 565000 this week, which is not done yet. Last week you did finish with 550000 which put you in the top 50 and I’ll have that credited now.

You also finished last week with 500000 which would have put you in the top 50 Ill have your bonus credited too.

These discrepancies will not happen in week 3 and we apologize for the inconvenience.


thank you man seriously you’re always one of the good ones

The team tried to have this resolved earlier too, we were just unable to, unfortunately.


all good brotha I just hate reaching out a bunch about the same topic thanks for putting it to rest

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Thank you!

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James, can you see my current score? It would have been enough for leaderboard if the reset didn’t get messed up. Can you credit for me?