Football Runner Week 12 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective Bonuses last week, and below is the leaderboard.

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)


Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st Hmm…123 @Hmm_123 835000 65 Free Spins
2nd csreaskii @csr_123 825000 65 Free Spins
3rd BraveCorgi @BraveCorgi 820000 65 Free Spins
4th BigHustleP @BigHustleP 815000 65 Free Spins
5th conocon @conocon 775000 65 Free Spins
6th Cdro1985 @Cdro1985 775000 65 Free Spins
7th Jshots89 @Jshots89 770000 65 Free Spins
8th Rockland @Rockland 765000 65 Free Spins
9th Ashaw not yet 760000 65 Free Spins
10th Txmade88 not yet 755000 65 Free Spins
11th Mjunks29 @Mjuncker 750000 40 Free Spins
12th JPP373 @JPP373 740000 40 Free Spins
13th Arnitz @ArNitz 740000 40 Free Spins
14th AceBoonC not yet 740000 40 Free Spins
15th Tcouch @timcouch4087 740000 40 Free Spins
16th Mackattack69 @dtx1234 735000 40 Free Spins
17th Aggiecm not yet 735000 40 Free Spins
18th jam @jamjamjam 735000 40 Free Spins
19th MrE555 @MrE555 730000 40 Free Spins
20th MattVidal7 @MVidal7 730000 40 Free Spins
21st Bolt4life @Bolt4life 730000 40 Free Spins
22nd Chriscol1994 @chriscol1994 725000 40 Free Spins
23rd Allied33349 @Allied33349 725000 40 Free Spins
24th Dirtymoney not yet 725000 40 Free Spins
25th JaneLA @JaneLA 725000 40 Free Spins
26th Dompee @Dompee 720000 30 Free Spins
27th DiggyD96 not yet 720000 30 Free Spins
28th Drewskii not yet 715000 30 Free Spins
29th DMast @Mast3312 715000 30 Free Spins
30th cbuckley97 not yet 710000 30 Free Spins
31st SigTauMagic @SigTauMagic 705000 30 Free Spins
32nd Bez_24 not yet 705000 30 Free Spins
33rd triple d the legend @Ddd333 705000 30 Free Spins
34th Mmm @Mcdowem 705000 30 Free Spins
35th Straythefeature not yet 705000 30 Free Spins
36th Zigzag125 not yet 700000 30 Free Spins
37th jfair not yet 700000 30 Free Spins
38th egrojfc14 not yet 700000 30 Free Spins
39th Mcgillacutty not yet 700000 30 Free Spins
40th Cwell410 @Cwell410 695000 30 Free Spins
41st GHSTeusterka @Lukegabryel 695000 30 Free Spins
42nd BigMoneyMatt not yet 695000 30 Free Spins
43rd Shmoopy @MaseratiMoni 690000 30 Free Spins
44th Tran6589 not yet 685000 30 Free Spins
45th Extendit @Extendit 680000 30 Free Spins
46th Lilboom330 not yet 680000 30 Free Spins
47th Ahyde1114 @Ahyde1114 675000 30 Free Spins
48th yunsik @yunsik 675000 30 Free Spins
49th Manzobaby not yet 675000 30 Free Spins
50th MoneylineDrew not yet 670000 30 Free Spins



I haven’t gotten anything. Are they automatically added to the game or do we have to accept in our rewards section?

It should be automatically there when you open the game. Please clear your cache and try again if thats not the case :slight_smile:

Lol all that time to get on the leaderboard for $9… that’s why I don’t play golden buffalo but what a terrible prize for how much time spent.

@James_Bovada thanks for the scores but CSR the 2nd place needs a DQ as we can clearly see the leaderboard for this week already and know he’s a cheater


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Cwell410, we will look into it.


Can you look into the Cryto Miner as well? Definitely some cheating going on there as well.



@James_Bovada . Thank you for taking them out! Very much appreciated.

Are they investigating the current leaderboard? Of course I just got my best score at 790,000 and it doesn’t even make top 50


@James_Bovada do you know when that voucher will be sent by chance? Plus it would cool if you can fix the comptation as i am looking forward to the prizes week 18 as I most likely will be on the top end of it. I’ll take a signed Tom Brady jersey lol. That would be cool.


Can you please address before anyone wastes anymore time on it? Customer service told me some people are just better at the game… which obviously is bullish!t. @James_Bovada

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Yeah they told me the same thing lmao so stupid actually pissed me off quite a bit that they said that.
At least have your employees aware of the situation they don’t know anything.

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Obviously CS is not even aware of the competition. I was talking to them the other week also because sometimes I guess the moderators are to busy. I was told some stuff also that i knew right away that they don’t even know what’s up. Which again this is there biggest competition By far like it is not even close especially with the bad ass prizes week 18 so you would think they would know and be way more quick to try to fix stuff especially with it being the holiday season to try to bulid a good mood for the community. I do not work there though so I don’t know. It’s OBVIOUSLY little concerning that they are kind of just letting it kinda just go and it being the 200$ week its not like you can get it back and the week is running out. Seems like a easy fix.

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I’m yet to play this week even though I been placing every week u see my name up there I’ve seen yours. Now I can’t even touch the leaderboard. Might try and get a 785 or something and hope it sticks if all the top guys get banned. Kinda sucks not knowing where u are on the leaderboard tho. Takes away from trying to just get that extra 5k that will jump you from 12th to 5th for example. Makes it so the game gets less action id assume with all this corruption

Lol yeah I don’t think we are getting on the leaderboard this week. I mean I just wish someone would just comment that’s all even if it’s we are working on it. Seems like the moderators are trying to stay away from these questions with a ten foot pole. I just don’t know why. I mean we did this competition for 11 weeks there no reason why this can’t just be fixed it and carry on. 90% of these accounts are not even real meaning they were just made to mess the competition up as I don’t think rigged are guess who are real accounts betting on the site lol. So it would be easy to remove these accounts I’ll you have to do is pay a little more attention to the tops spots. It would probably take 30 min out of the work week to check. Maybe they can’t get them off the board I dobut that the reason though. why not transpercy though so we know what to do as this was a major investment in my time obviously with a 800$ a week for grabs.

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Maybe they re roll 1-10 from last week for the voucher and leaderboard is locked to us until they clear the cheaters

So looks like I should of won last week also as that guy zimbino is on the leaderboard with a hack score. Then also moon who passed me the other week for 1st so that’s 1600$ in a matter of 3 weeks I got screwed. Why are they even bother to post there scores right now though that doesn’t make sense they didn’t even put them selves first with a hack score. Hopefully this is taken care of soon as we ran this for 11 weeks. Plus now those accounts just screwed themselves for the future why would they post a hacked score?

It would be cool if they could run back the previous week winners while removing the cheaters because this is some stinky bs. I’m holding off on depositing until this is fixed.

Shit if they did it all the way back I would be first like 4 times 3200$. Plus I would be able to prove it now. Thank God I won at least once even though I still have not received the voucher. Hopefully Tom since it’s Monday then. I hope they are just trying to figure out how to block the hacked accounts. I nervous for the future of the game as I know they can fix it but will they as I would of 99% won a prize week 18 worth a 1000$ or more. This was alot of my time invested also so I hope I didn’t waste it. Crazy though all and all if I don’t get a chance for week 18 which I guessing we still will but if I don’t that 4200$ are more from this competition I would of got cheated out.

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