Football Runner Week 13 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective Bonuses last week, and below is the leaderboard.

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st ConnorW34 @ConnorW34 820000 $200
2nd Jkrads Not Yet 800000 $200
3rd MattVidal7 @MVidal7 795000 $200
4th Tcouch @timcouch4087 795000 $200
5th Mackattack69 @dtx1234 790000 $200
6th Rockland @Rockland 785000 $200
7th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 785000 $200
8th Allied33349 @Allied33349 780000 $200
9th Jshots89 @Jshots89 780000 $200
10th jam @jamjamjam 775000 $200
11th Mjuncks29 @Mjuncker 765000 $100
12th conocon @conocon 745000 $100
13th BigHustleP @BigHustleP 735000 $100
14th Ashaw Not Yet 735000 $100
15th Dompee @Dompee 730000 $100
16th fail @Busterboi 725000 $100
17th yunsik @yunsik 720000 $100
18th Mcgillacutty Not Yet 720000 $100
19th DMast @Mast3312 715000 $100
20th JaneLA @JaneLA 715000 $100
21st Hmm…123 @Hmm_123 715000 $100
22nd Drewskii Not Yet 705000 $100
23rd Arnitz @ArNitz 705000 $100
24th Bolt4life @Bolt4life 705000 $100
25th Cwell410 @Cwell410 690000 $100
26th a million ? lol @Ddd333 690000 $60
27th DiggyD96 Not Yet 690000 $60
28th CircleTheWagons21 Not Yet 690000 $60
29th Korsman83 Not Yet 685000 $60
30th GoC8ts13 @GoC8ts93 680000 $60
31st Cuatro @cuatro 680000 $60
32nd tglide426 @tglide426 675000 $60
33rd Extendit @Extendit 670000 $60
34th Rolands @Rolands 665000 $60
35th Chriscol1994 @chriscol1994 660000 $60
36th JPP373 @JPP373 660000 $60
37th smythguti @Smythguti 660000 $60
38th charly0013 Not Yet 645000 $60
39th Tran6589 Not Yet 640000 $60
40th Shmoopy @MaseratiMoni 640000 $60
41st MoneylineDrew Not Yet 630000 $60
42nd Champbutterb Not Yet 625000 $60
43rd Straythefeature Not Yet 620000 $60
44th Sparxs87 @Sparxs87 610000 $60
45th Meghann Mooney Not Yet 610000 $60
46th APCooper @APCooper 600000 $60
47th BraveCorgi @BraveCorgi 595000 $60
48th Phoenixpro Not Yet 590000 $60
49th Levik Mansourian Not Yet 575000 $60
50th Christopher Connolly Not Yet 570000 $60



@Allied33349 you getting lucky they are not letting me get to you lol.

@James_Bovada i am ranked 10th by some hacker who put my name on the leaderboard. i’m starting to do my runs now, but will i be able to submit a score that is real? it will obviously be below the 9,000,000 posted score. how will it work?

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@James_Bovada last 30 min ot all of sudden went offline i was so happy you guys fixed it. I been literally playing all day with perfect runs i still chasing first place i am in second again i am still better that i got screwed for first 2 weeks ago am still going to keep trying i just didnt want to waste my qhole day playing for someone to be avle to pull some stuff now thats its offline in the last hr that does not play Why did it go offline? Jesus christ its been such low scores anyways just letying you know in case you didnt know.

@James_Bovada thanks for fixing it. Hopefully the time does not get cut short tonight.

Yea ok sureee. Nice new name again whatever i just wish it was a regular name. You will notice someone always plays 2 weeks comes first then leaves. Then a new name pops up. Same cycle first it was hongsunk where he go he won twice the it was robono( rogdog) now its jkards. Yet all the regular always the same but never first barely the people that play everyweek. Its b.s score is fake allied you got screwed i was right last time james and i am right this time. I would of got that svore if it was even possible today i played ALOT and i dont really miss. Give it to allied if it dont get beaten which it wont buy a account we know. This ls literally the same dude most likely just switch names every couple weeks its beyond obvious and its aggrvatting. Its either you guys are your really letting someone get you. NO WONDER YOU GUYS LET IT OFFLINE AGAIN THATS NOT RIGHT DUDE. I CANT GET MY TIME BACK .

Haha. I finally got you, you are a good player. Hopefully i get 1st this week.

congrats man nice score

Hopefully this weeks prizes won’t take long

@Allied33349 yea I hope you do. If there was not this obvious pattern I would shout my mouth. It’s just aggravating when you try for awhile then someone just does that. Jkards won’t even be there next week it will turn to a new name the will come in like 2nd then win the next week then disappear. Rense and repeat. Hopefully we do get it alot sooner. People keep disappearing when they win because they know if they kept the same name we would call them out. Please if someone disagrees with me I would love you to make any kind of point to me that might make sense. I will leave it alone but James paid the jkards lastweek so he will most likely get it the kid just the Dame thing every other week. You see he always waits
the new name also till the last hr so he know what score to put in obviously again. I dont know how jkards would of known the scores last week though so that tells me something thats all i going say first place just cant being a random account bovada.

@zogdog who are you? Why don’t you play its a free 800$ obviously your the best here with the record lol.

@James_Bovada when should I except to receive the voucher for first? And does it come through email?

@ConnorW34 congrats conner i am happy for you i am glad a person won that actually that plays more then 2 weeks then leaves.

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@James_Bovada any chance we can get the prizes for week 14 today or tomorrow? can you make it happen? thanks

That would be nice!

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Who are week 14 winners

@James_Bovada are you going to pass those out do you have a time frame? Would be nice before Thursday night football plus other prizes were long usually its made up by doing it quick the next week. I keep on depositing so just wondering

I highly doubt it but it would be nice

Yea well it has been done on a Wed before so it could be done. Hopefully this is a week it’s quick

Quick question to people that actually play. Have you noticed the scores alot lower and more people to block you with barley and coins. I been playing this game forever. Because was not able to move for awhile. I am getting no coins hrs of playing usually i would of got a good run by now. I am just curious has it been the same for you guys?