Football Runner Week 16 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players were credited with their respective bonus, and below is the leaderboard.

1st place bonus prize: $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17)

Place Runner Name Community Name Points Prize
1st Ye @djay24 820000 $200
2nd Jkrads Not Yet 810000 $200
3rd pogdog @zogdog 810000 $200
4th Jakeglobal Not Yet 805000 $200
5th JPP373 @JPP373 800000 $200
6th Hmm…123 @Hmm_123 790000 $200
7th Dompee @Dompee 785000 $200
8th Tcouch @timcouch4087 785000 $200
9th Bolt4life @Bolt4life 780000 $200
10th Blue88 Not Yet 775000 $200
11th Jshots89 @Jshots89 775000 $100
12th Hno Not Yet 775000 $100
13th Allied33349 @Allied33349 770000 $100
14th Rockland @Rockland 770000 $100
15th Cdro1985 @Cdro1985 770000 $100
16th jamjamjam @jamjamjam 765000 $100
17th Ashaw Not Yet 765000 $100
18th DMast @Mast3312 760000 $100
19th Manzonaby Not Yet 760000 $100
20th Austin Not Yet 755000 $100
21st conocon @conocon 755000 $100
22nd Cwdenver Not Yet 755000 $100
23rd Drewskii Not Yet 750000 $100
24th Mjunks29 @Mjuncker 750000 $100
25th CircleTheWagons21 Not Yet 750000 $100
26th Mestnie @Mestnie81 745000 $60
27th Bez_24 @Bezradetsky_24 740000 $60
28th sadamsvcc006 Not Yet 740000 $60
29th BraveCorgi @BraveCorgi 740000 $60
30th GoC8ts13 @GoC8ts93 735000 $60
31st ChuckZ55 Not Yet 735000 $60
32nd GHSTeusterka @Lukegabryel 735000 $60
33rd MattVidal7 @MVidal7 735000 $60
34th Rolands @Rolands 735000 $60
35th d3p0 @Ddd333 730000 $60
36th JaneLA @JaneLA 730000 $60
37th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 730000 $60
38th AceBoonZ Not Yet 730000 $60
39th Cuatro @cuatro 725000 $60
40th Killbill980 @Killbill98 720000 $60
41st egrojfc14 Not Yet 720000 $60
42nd Mcgillacutty Not Yet 720000 $60
43rd Nickadream @Nickadream 720000 $60
44th Zigzag125 Not Yet 715000 $60
45th Arnitz @ArNitz 715000 $60
46th Straythefeature Not Yet 715000 $60
47th fail @Busterboi 710000 $60
48th maximon19 @maximon19 705000 $60
49th BigHustleP @BigHustleP 700000 $60
50th Fintastik @Fintastik00 700000 $60



I’ll take it

So your saying ye is djay but his name is moon. Plis he admitted that he does not olay and the haker puts his scores in. So that would mean he wins this week but with moon.

Yea Jakeglobal score is legit too it seems just hadn’t never seen the name. Does seem a lil shaky but it is what it is run it :rofl:

What jakegloble was not on that week.

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I can pick top 10 right now week 18

Yoo I gotta agree it’s names up there that I ain’t see on the leaderboard period guy admittedly has score posted not by him and still win 1st that is beyond me. Are you moderators not reading the threads??? If I’m wrong pardon me but this @#$& is confusing the hell outta me :rofl::rofl:

How many name is zogdog going to have rogdog zogdog pogdog rambano etc… why change names unless you cheating

Are there any monthly game this year like last year had the crypto miner game? Just seeing if I’m missing out on anything lol

Sorry Rockland that sucks

Ain’t no thang bro mane a lotta times things are not what they seem could all be legit or could not be either way it’s been fun. Put alotta time in to get my scores as so alotta others and a few put in a minute #thatsaBIGFACT :rofl::rofl::rofl: like I said tho it’s been fun hopefully I can catch a good score for week 18

Yea I guess. Good attitude I mean you literally just had a guy said he don’t play no more and hacker uses his name.

@James_Bovada So over this comp I am done talking about it. I just want my voucher!

I guess week 14 standings and winner will forever be a mystery. @James_Bovada ???

Okay now isn’t ye and moon the same person? Oh he must have two fanboys as he say cause I see they’re both in top 10 but the same community name attached to both or is it… Guess we’ll see when it’s vetted

Ill take a guess you didn’t win allied. You been playing since the start right?

Yup crazy stuff!

That fanboy he was talking bout ruthless isn’t he :rofl::rofl::rofl: he was called out and accused of cheating the game crypto miner him and a dude zampare they both transfered over here to this game zampare seen his antics were exposed and changed his name and all up obviously but moon is still hard at work :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I started playing around week 4. I’m not even worried about the money i would just like transparency and a response from James. Every other week results were posted what happened to week 14. I guess the hackers paid em off that week. :smile:

Yea i get it!!