Football Runner Week 3 Results

Hi everyone,

The top 50 Player were credited with their spins for Gridiron Glory and congrats to the winners!


1st place bonus prize : $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17).

Place Football Runner Name Community Member Points Prize
1st Zampare Not Yet 835000 65 Free Spins
2nd DMast @Mast3312 825000 65 Free Spins
3rd SigTauMagic @SigTauMagic 765000 65 Free Spins
4th jackmik @jackmik 760000 65 Free Spins
5th BahkooLao Not Yet 745000 65 Free Spins
6th mpennington211 Not Yet 740000 65 Free Spins
7th JaneLA @JaneLA 730000 65 Free Spins
8th JyleGenZ Not Yet 730000 65 Free Spins
9th Cuatro @cuatro 725000 65 Free Spins
10th Dompee @Dompee 720000 65 Free Spins
11th MoneylineDrew Not Yet 710000 40 Free Spins
12th Ryangene @Ryangene 710000 40 Free Spins
13th charly0013 Not Yet 705000 40 Free Spins
14th yunsik Not Yet 700000 40 Free Spins
15th Mcdowem @Mcdowem 700000 40 Free Spins
16th Hongseok No @insun6538 695000 40 Free Spins
17th pair888 Not Yet 695000 40 Free Spins
18th Ahyde1114 @Ahyde1114 690000 40 Free Spins
19th Cwell410 @Cwell410 690000 40 Free Spins
20th Cap246 Not Yet 690000 40 Free Spins
21st Zigzag125 Not Yet 690000 40 Free Spins
22nd Jshots89 @Jshots89 690000 40 Free Spins
23rd Manzoooo Not Yet 690000 40 Free Spins
24th Punt5722 @Punt5722 690000 40 Free Spins
25th Allied33349 @Allied33349 685000 40 Free Spins
26th Chrisx2324 Not Yet 685000 30 Free Spins
27th yahyeeter420 Not Yet 680000 30 Free Spins
28th Bolt4life Not Yet 680000 30 Free Spins
29th seckin Not Yet 675000 30 Free Spins
30th Andrew cavender Not Yet 670000 30 Free Spins
31st Jorge_90 Not Yet 670000 30 Free Spins
32nd Straythefeature Not Yet 670000 30 Free Spins
33rd Korsman83 Not Yet 665000 30 Free Spins
34th JPP373 @JPP373 665000 30 Free Spins
35th BCA @BraveCorgi 665000 30 Free Spins
36th Drewskii Not Yet 660000 30 Free Spins
37th Kurtbry91 @KurtisBry91 660000 30 Free Spins
38th csreaskii @csr_123 655000 30 Free Spins
39th AericMalubay Not Yet 655000 30 Free Spins
40th Schnapple Not Yet 650000 30 Free Spins
41st Lizzy99 Not Yet 645000 30 Free Spins
42nd Lukesavage Not Yet 645000 30 Free Spins
43rd Nocapllamo @NocapLlamo 645000 30 Free Spins
44th Claudia23 Not Yet 640000 30 Free Spins
45th Mestnie81 @Mestnie81 640000 30 Free Spins
46th Geeraard @Geeraard 640000 30 Free Spins
47th Blackmamba8 @Kejuanj8 640000 30 Free Spins
48th DiggyD96 Not Yet 640000 30 Free Spins
49th btkincaid01 @btkincaid01 635000 30 Free Spins
50th Cody123 @Cody_123 635000 30 Free Spins

Below is a list of Community Members who just missed the cut:

Place Football Runner Name Community Member Points
52nd Rockland @Rockland 630000
53rd Juju @LuckyMe8 630000
54th fail @Busterboi 625000
57th Mackattack69 @dtx1234 620000
58th MRE555 @MrE555 620000
61st Rolands @Rolands 610000
63rd Cpinkus1990 @cpinkus1990 605000
64th Dane @Dani1991 605000
65th Rashell21 @Rashell21 605000
66th Tank @Msw_123 595000
67th Rloverst @Rloverst85 595000
70th jam @jamjamjam 590000
71st Sparxs87 @Sparxs87 590000
72nd JoQroz99 @JoQroz99 590000
75th Stanspieg0727 @Stanspieg0727 585000
77th cecilt10 @cecilt10 580000
79th SpinGawd1 @Bcodes17 575000
80th Dwilliams1024 @Dwilliams1024 575000
81st hmm…123 @Hmm_123 570000
82nd Mnm12 @Mauriciomunoz22 565000
85th benny v @BennyV 550000
86th Morless56 @MorLess56 550000
88th Chopp33 @Chopp33 550000
90th Chriscol1994 @chriscol1994 545000
92nd Lovely @Sheilasc 545000
93rd Munozrifa @Munozrifa10 540000
94th Moonshot21 @moonshot21 540000
95th Kcasher @KCasher 540000
96th Strongrev @strongrev 540000
97th Killbill98 @Killbill98 535000
99th Imchrissoshawty @imchrissoshawty 535000

Good luck to all for week 4!

I havent received mine spins on my account

They were issued, could you please clear your cache and access the game again?

so all top 50 users deposited 30 worth of crypto ?

anyone who is not on this list (there were 4 removed) did not make the deposit requirement

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just wanted to see if i had a shot:)

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are we seriously doing a $40 max win on these free spins? when some weeks we can win $200 in crypto? wow

I thought the competitions were “community exclusive” how do these top scores even qualify and push the rest of us out then?

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There are at least 25 people who aren’t community members in the top 50 that’s over half! Then all of a sudden the next set of 50 that aren’t in the prize category just so happens that every single one of use are community members??

The soccer prediction competition is exclusive. The football one u just need to do better. #tigerblood #winning

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This game is so infuriating , the hit boxes on the hot dog stands are inconsistent. How the hell are ppl getting 800k lmaoo

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Ppl are hacking these games taking spots from the ppl who actually compete cause I see names from the other crypto game that are allegedly cheating on this game and that’s a shame cause I would’ve made the cut on the last leaderboard

Alright let’s see how long this week prize takes

I just wanna see if my score stayed in the top 10 lol. It was there at 11:30 last night, but I couldn’t keep myself up to see if it held at the number 8 spot or not :frowning:

I don’t get how players like Zampare who clearly have cheated in other games who still get to participate and cheat to get 1st every time. Like cmon Bovada ban them

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If my math is right…

How can you get 762,000 unless im too high right now lol @James_Bovada @Paul_Bovada

How can you get 762,000

Bitcoin 15,000 each coin
Ethereum 10,000 each coin
Litecoin 5,000 each coin


Wow they can’t even cheat right , it’s so obvious lmao


So im not tripping then lol

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yeah blantant cheating. any update on scoreboard for week 4? @Paul_Bovada

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Cheating here as well. Sad

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