Football Runner Week 4 Results

So youre telling me you played games where every single coin was a bitcoin? Because if not then your score isnt possible… 50 x 15000 = 750000

There are 70 + coins every game sir

Yes it varies as does their value i have posted a score in the 700s every week and I’ve yet to do a perfect run so Ik for sure 800 is attainable. #tigerblood #winning

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Is this currently week 6 which ends on Tuesday night the 17th?

Are we still expecting the results today @James_Bovada ?

Are we receiving that soon.

Right games bout to start need my free bets :grimacing: may have to do a quick deposit

Can’t blame the lengthy wait tho it’s the ppl scamming the game causing it. Time consuming when you gotta check real scores and the manipulated ones.

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What’s up I am not going to be able to use it tonight it’s for sure the end of the day. I sure they figured it out in 3 days.

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@Brooke_Bovada what do you know? Crickets

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End of today is getting pretty close :joy:

Do people play this on their phone or computer? I just played it on my phone and got 1/50th of what everyone else got

How do people cheat??

Idk I assume by hacking the scoreboard. Look at all the million point scores on crypto miner. No clue how it’s done but it’s being done

I guess I’m just too dumb to ever even think of how you could do that’s. Sucks people would do that and ruin of fun little game


Well that sucked got my hopes up wish he wouldn’t of even Said nothing I would of not been planning on it all day and doing research on games that are passed. I sure it’s not his fault it’s Friday night for them too lol.

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It’s funny how all of the @moderators have gone missing since announcing the results will be announced and the credits will be applied tkday

@moderators can we have update? It’s end of the day.

What time zone are we going by for the end of the day… :thinking: @moderators


Whats the good word @moderators