Football Runner Week 5 Results


Hi everyone,

The top 50 Players have been credited with their respective bonuses

1st place bonus prize : $800 Prezzee Voucher (week 1-17).

Place Display Name Points Prize Community Name
1st DMast 820000 120 @Mast3312
2nd moon 795000 120 @djay24
3rd BCA 795000 120 @BraveCorgi
4th Drewskii 785000 120 Not Yet
5th jackmik 785000 120 @jackmik
6th JaneLA 785000 120 @JaneLA
7th Tcouch 775000 120 @timcouch4087
8th Jshots89 770000 120 @Jshots89
9th MattVidal7 770000 120 Not Yet
10th Jamiejamesmeow 770000 70 Not Yet
11th charly0013 760000 70 Not Yet
12th Zackexotic 760000 70 Not Yet
13th fail 755000 70 @Busterboi
14th Allied33349 755000 70 @Allied33349
15th Hmm…123 755000 70 @Hmm_123
16th Cwell410 750000 70 @Cwell410
17th SaigonTiger 750000 70 @SaigonTiger
18th boofingAcid 750000 70 @BoofingAcid
19th Rockland 745000 70 @Rockland
20th yunsik 745000 70 Not Yet
21st LegalizedNature 745000 70 Not Yet
22nd Kurtbry91 735000 70 @KurtisBry91
23rd APCooper 730000 70 @APCooper
24th Cpina80 730000 30 Not Yet
25th SigTauMagic 725000 30 @SigTauMagic
26th Jorge_90 725000 30 Not Yet
27th Dompee 725000 30 @Dompee
28th Mestnie81 725000 30 @Mestnie81
29th Zigzag125 725000 30 Not Yet
30th Manzooo 725000 30 Not Yet
31st Mjunks29 725000 30 Not Yet
32nd mpennington211 725000 30 Not Yet
33rd pair888 725000 30 Not Yet
34th Brandoooo 720000 30 @bwelter
35th jam 720000 30 @jamjamjam
36th tglide426 720000 30 @tglide426
37th Hongseok No 715000 30 @insun6538
38th GoC8ts13 710000 30 Not Yet
39th Korsman83 710000 30 Not Yet
40th DiggyD96 710000 30 Not Yet
41st Straythefeature 710000 30 Not Yet
42nd Andrew cavender 705000 30 Not Yet
43rd Csp246 705000 30 Not Yet
44th Daisydukes 705000 30 Not Yet
45th JPP373 705000 30 @JPP373
46th CircleTheWagons21 705000 30 Not Yet
47th AConnor34 700000 30 Not Yet
48th Extendit 695000 30 @Extendit
49th stewart g 695000 30 Not Yet
50th Cdro1985 690000 30 Not Yet

Below are Community Memebers who just missed the cut:

Missed the cut
51st ndzn555 690000 @nikki777
54th egrojfc14 680000 @egrojfc
57th Ryangene 675000 @Ryangene
58th Ahyde1114 670000 @Ahyde1114
59th Killbill98 670000 @Killbill98
61st evange 665000 @evange
63rd csreaskii 660000 @csr_123
64th Cuatro 660000 @cuatro
66th btkincaid01 655000 @btkincaid01
67th Chriscol1994 655000 @chriscol1994
68th Bambam24 645000 @bambam24
69th Chasechg 635000 @Chasechg
70th PACHABO 630000 @fourwheelin818
71st Gbru15 630000 @Gmoney2415
72nd Fizzle82 630000 @Fizzle82
74th Roland JR 630000 @Rolands
76th Moose450 615000 @AustinP450
78th BigHustleP 610000 @BigHustleP
79th cpinkus1990 605000 @cpinkus1990
82nd benny v 600000 @BennyV
83rd latenitetipsy 600000 @Latenitetipsy
84th Dwilliams1024 595000 @Dwilliams1024
86th matt123 580000 @mthomas1
88th ZR1guy 565000 @Zr1guy
89th mom 565000 @Sanmanuelpro
91st Ringtjring 550000 @Ringtj
93rd bigmomo 530000 @bigmomo
94th Strongrev 530000 @strongrev
95th Googil 525000 @Gogilpro
96th Lukeskcote 525000 @titansxl92
100th danyel88 520000 @danyel88
102nd Fintastik 510000 @Fintastik00
103rd Thomas 510000 @t_connor
106th Jtherealdeal 505000 @Jtherealdeal
107th Brandon Mccravy 495000 @Beenreal77
112th Cornejo616 475000 @Cornejo616
113th DTru22 475000 @DTru22
116th duncanbishop24 470000 @duncanbishop24
118th Nonchalant 470000 @Toppicks
122nd OConnell 450000 @ItchyRash
123rd Alexander2tf1 445000 @Alxtf21
125th Jonathan cruz 445000 @Jc0821
126th cubbiefan021 445000 @Cubbiefan021
129th Sick502 440000 @Sick502
133rd Contrerasx2x 435000 @Contrerasx2x
134th Jackson1113 435000 @Jackson1113
135th Kspinc 435000 @kspinc
138th AKSLINE 425000 @APK_123
141st Bluex420x 420000 @Bluex420x
143rd Jennypooh83 420000 @Jennypooh83
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When will this past week, week 6 results come out?

We are vetting that one now, and should be posted by this time tomorrow.


I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but my submitted score/entry doesn’t even show up on the leaderboard when I submit it (and the score is high enough) even though I feel it used to when I played weeks ago (took a little break, now I’m back).

I played yesterday to make the week 6 cutoff and got 725,000 which should have placed on the leaderboard, but I didn’t see my submitted entry there last night. I just played a few times today for week 7 and my highest submitted score isn’t on there either even though it was in the 500,000 - 600,000 range.

Can any mod check on this issue when he/she has time? My last qualifying crypto deposit WAS just the evening of 10/17/23 (yesterday), is that why?

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Hey I wasn’t able to get the game to load and wasn’t able to get a score to post in another browser I tried. I tried chrome (cleared cookies and cache) Firefox and Aloha. I was able to get it all to work again on Edge. Try Microsoft Edge until your preferred browser is working again

Any chance you can check into things for this week. I just submitted a score 660,000 for this week for the top 50 but not showing up on the board. Happened at 1:22 CST. thanks!

What slot games is it gonna be for this week free spins winners ?

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What day are the rewards given out?

I made the top 50 list but never got credited we it’s bonus

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I just posted my score of 740000 and it didnt go in. I literally play this alot please tell me i am not wasting my time this is the first time it had done that.


Guess we gotta start screenshotting scores now. This is getting to be more of a hassle than it is fun

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Yea not cool i literally only been playing for 2 weeks and already cant post scores. I will obviously screen shot it now.


Thanks for the suggestion, but other browsers (Edge, etc) nor the other suggestions you made work for me. Any submitted score I do (just did it and got 665,000) doesn’t show up.

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Just happened to me too I got 720k and I posted it and it’s not on the leaderboard…
@moderators @James_Bovada what’s the deal? Am I being blackballed?

Same here 665000 earlier and now 715000 and both won’t post on the leaderboard

@moderators please advise…

Yes please advise lots of time playing this game for scores not to post. I mean this is serious could of just took 200$ from me. It has nothing to do with the browser are anything this is the first time its happened. I am not worried i will hit it again if not higher but what should i do then.

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I just posted a score of 740000 and it didnt go in obviously this is for 200$ and maybe 800$ so i need it to work please. Can someone please fix this so i can post.

Does anybody have screenshots/videos of scores not being posted/submitted that you can send us? We’ll escalate this to the relevant team.

Issue with posting scores seem to be local as the game is running as normal from our end, technical team has advised that trying different browser may help with that, google chrome incognito is what we usually recommend but others can be tried as well.