Kickoff Competition Winners Thread


As promised here is the list of this week’s (Week 1) winners for the 8 $5600 cash prizes. Congratulations to all those listed below!

Weekly Winner Community Member
Hector S. No
Vincent C. No
Ruben P. No
Devin W. Yes
Scott D. No
@magiklady . Yes
Harvey H No
John P. No

A few notes, as we will continue to update this thread throughout the competition and add Community usernames if agreed upon by the winners. Good luck to everyone participating this week!


How are we able to see our weekly entries? Is there a way to know? What’s the max entries per week?

Congratulations all especially Devin and Brittany! :partying_face:


Absolutely!! Love that they put that cool to know we will get some new members knowing about community

Congrats to the winners!

This was such a fun surprise to find this afternoon!
I’m beyond grateful and SO very excited!

Thank you so much BOVADA!


Congrats @magiklady :+1:


Congrats All!

Congratulations to the winner’s

Congratulations :clap::confetti_ball:

How hype!!! Congrats to all winners!

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Congrats @magiklady !

Is there anyway to watch the drawing? Asp which day of the week is the drawing?

@StudlyTroy Unfortunately there isn’t any way to watch the drawing but we do publish results above and contact the winners. The drawing is done at the end of the weekly quotas on the chart.

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Thought it said winnings selected on Wednesdays… How was winners post from Tuesday??

The page states that it will be announced on Wednesdays. This refers to the actual website page but we’ll be posting them here as soon as information is available.


Congrats to all the Winners!

Congrats winners! This is the best giveaway Bovada has done in a looooong time.


Congrats to all this weeks winners!!!

Ou wow thats crazy