Thanks Bovada! Reels and Wheels

Big Thanks to Bovada! I awoke last week to an email notifying me that Bovada had made a courtesy deposit of $2000 to my account. Awesome!

That same day I turned the $2K into $31K playing various slot games. The next day I started playing for higher stakes and incredibly hit the 500-to-1 payoff twice in a half hour playing $100 rolls on Wheels and Wheels basic. $50,000 X 2. I was shocked to say the least.

The partial cash out went completely smooth as I took out $115,000 without any delays.

Thank You Bovada. I started with nothing and thanks to their generosity, I banked over $115K and still have a nice chunk in my account to play around with in slots and sports betting.


I almost believed you there for a moment lol


So they gave u 2000 for just kicks…I don’t think I’ve ever got over 200 neva mind 2000

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It is pretty pathetic that people have to doubt everything. Here is the copy and paste from the email:

I hope you are doing great! I’ve wanted to deliver news by phone, but sadly, I couldn’t reach you. I’m contacting you with an update! As from this moment I’ll be your personal host. My name is Nikoloz, and I’m very excited to work with you. I will be reaching out to you periodically to check on you! I’d appreciate it if you could kindly provide me with the preferred contact method as well as preferred time.

I wanted to dropp some promotions today for you and I just added $2000 free play just for you to try out our luck and have fun, wish to see some amazing winnings on your account soon.

In case the funds won’t work out please feel free to utilize Deposit Match of 50% up to $1000 on your upcoming two deposits. All you have to do is to make sure to reach us out with deposited funds intact and unused so that we can add the bonus on top of it. Please also keep in mind that we are not able to match deposits made via Player transfer and Voucher, first deposits after a withdrawal are not applicable for this bonus neither.

If you need any assistance or got any questions for me please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime either by mail or phone using the contact details below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Bovada Host

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Please provide a screenshot of your 30 day history since you are a new member here, so anyone can believe that you have played and wagered so much here, that you never bothered to trade with anyone, in which, would provide you the quickest withdrawal process that exists.


Congratulations @The_Big_Kahuna
I wish i got free play bonus like that. Im an All Star level 1, but have only received $37 and heard from my host once in 3 months.


Congratulations on that nice hit. Are you a hall of fame red room member? Wish I had your kind of luck but I guess that would require a nice gift of funds first :slight_smile:
Keep up the good luck! :+1:

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Yes Hall of Fame member. Not sure where the other poster got idea that I am new. Been on Bovada for a few years. Up and down thru the last year+ with some nice wins and some cold stretches as well. I would not have even posted here except that Bovada messaged me and asked me to share my big win news. This put me well ahead so I am happy. Good Luck.


Yea lol show us a screenshot of any of this. I don’t believe any of this.


I don’t give a crap what you believe.

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People who just won $115k for free don’t come on message boards to fight with people lol


Bovada must be hurting bad…

Definitely down bad lol


If this ain’t a plant - idk what is

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Now this is interesting. Any thoughts from others people that have been hosted. Do they really give out this much, and why have i never been hosted.


@moderators . Can anyone verify this is accurate?

The information provided is correct.

I’ve seen/heard from real people on here about getting such rewards. I know of someone on here who received $4,000 in bonus funds from a host. It’s a perk one receives being a Hall of Fame red room but I heard that all went downhill late last year/early this year. Maybe it has returned?

Most be nice to be HoF and get 2k in free play without even asking

You know as opposed to HoF and getting told you cant even get 20 bucks in free play because the 1k you deposited isn’t enough to qualify you

But I’m harpy you won @The_Big_Kahuna

Seriously. Very nice for you

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The hosts for the last 12 months do not. I didn’t receive a welcome cash bonus. I received generous deposit bonuses but no type of deal like this. I would love to have it now, especially since the hosted bonuses have been tight for awhile.

It is what it is, whether it is real or not, it would be nice to experience this type of treatment from the hosts. Lucky him

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