Week 2 NFL 2021 Survivor Pool

The Lions could really help thin the field tonight if they pull the upset

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Points yea but not outright.

They have no wr and no corners.

In green bay against an 0-1 Packers

It’s week “bounce back” 2 and

Jared God awful Goff

Why would someone need to email their pick and not just select the pick in this thread?

Not saying they will, saying they could. I’m hoping for it, but I’d say it’s somewhere between very unlikely and very very unlikely

That’s assuming the 50 people who picked the Packers survive MNF. I don’t think that’s assured AT ALL. I wouldn’t have picked the Packers tonight unless at least a dozen of the other games were off limits for me. I don’t trust them at all until I see evidence the team is functional and playing good football. We sure saw proof of the opposite against the Saints. If it’s a 50-point win for the Pack, no need for anyone to diss me; I didn’t pick the Lions. (Spoiler alert: no one else did either!) I’ll jump on board the Pack train when I’m sure Rodgers is the engineer. Or at least the conductor!

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Y’all talking like y’all favorite team never had a bad game :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: my pick already won by the way :joy:

My brain is saying packers will lose due to drama over the summer but my heart is saying packers will win next game due to the horrible loss last game. But my pockets is saying it dont matter since i dont have any money to put a bet on either :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Rodgers 10-0 on Monday nights

Well I think it’s 5-0 lol

Lots of people have had issues submitting picks.

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Are the 3 games on Thanksgiving day considered a week in this pool or is that just part of week 12?

Just part of week 12

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Just a note going forward everyone, as in regards to any double submissions (through the poll and email) we have decided that if you submit an email that vote will count regardless of what your poll selection was going forward.


Where do I make my week 3 picks?

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Week 3 hasn’t been posted yet, but should be either by end of day today or tomorrow at the latest.


I haVe a question. You never sent me a poll and I have looked everyday to find a poll and nothing g ever came up

How am I supposed to pick a team

@Ozzminn320 we had the poll up here since Tuesday or sending by email would’ve also been alright.

Detroit all day :sweat_smile: